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Taylor Lautner got engaged to Tay Dome and posted the proposal photos on Instagram.

Taylor Lautner Announced His Engagement With The Most Romantic Proposal Pics

It feels right that Bella and Jacob are getting married at the same time.

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Perhaps one of the most circulated questions on social media is “Bella, where the hell have you been loca?,” but has anyone ever asked what the hell Taylor Lautner has been up to since his last movie appearance in 2016? Well, Lautner recently made a big announcement with an eye-catching Instagram post. On Nov. 11, the star proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Tay Dome, and announced his engagement to all his friends and fans on Nov. 13 with the most romantic proposal pictures. Lautner popped the question around a scene of roses and lighted candles with a neon sign that spelled out his last name in the background. He shared with his fans, “11.11.2021 And just like that, all of my wishes came true.”

Dome’s nickname is Tay, and you guessed it: it’s short for Taylor. With both Lautner and Dome sporting the same first name, I’m sure that was a perfect conversation starter, and it’s also sparked some jokes from fans about how the two will both be named Taylor Lautner if Dome takes his last name. The newly engaged couple have been together since 2018, when the two were seen getting to know each other at a wedding ceremony in September of that year. Their relationship was kept on the down-low until a month later, when Lautner posted a Halloween picture of him and Dome wearing a Space Jam-inspired couples costume.

Dome is a registered nurse and is a self-care and lifestyle influencer. She too shared the exciting announcement on Instagram and said, “My absolute best friend. I CANNOT WAIT TO SPEND FOREVER WITH YOU.” Lautner responded in the comments, “The feeling is mutual.”

Now that Lautner and Dome are officially engaged, I really hope someone is checking in on the Team Jacob stans.

Lautner’s engagement came at an extra exciting time for Twilight fans, considering Kristen Stewart got engaged to screenwriter Dylan Meyer just days earlier. Stewart had long been ready to take the next step with Meyer and told Howard Stern, “I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it. We're marrying, it's happening."

I guess Jacob really needed to see what Bella was up to before he could make plans for himself. With Stewart and Lautner announcing their engagements within the same month, I wonder if we’ll see Jacob and Bella walk down the aisle around the same time. Either way, it looks like both actors are in for a super romantic ride as they plan their upcoming weddings.