People Are Sending Senators Endangered Species Condoms To Make Point About Overpopulation

by Candice Jalili

Do you like polar bears? What about turtles? Oh, how about rhinos?

Well, if you answered no to all of those. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe go to the soul store and buy a soul.

But for the rest of us compassionate human beings, I have some troubling news for you: All of those animals (and many, many more) are going extinct.

People are taking all sorts of measures to try to help protect these animals from going completely extinct, but in the best method yet, an animal rights group decided to send condoms in cute little endangered species packages to their local senators.

Like any good 21st-century politician, Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse went on Twitter to share a picture of the surprise gift on his Twitter account:

The "endangered species condoms" that were sent to the senator's office were part of a project from the Center for Biological Diversity. The organization is a nonprofit that tries to save the environment by reducing human overpopulation, according to The Cut.

How do condoms help with the whole overpopulation problem? Allow me to explain. Overpopulation means we have too many humans populating the Earth, which also contributes to these species becoming endangered. Condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancies and, in turn, prevent more humans from endangering these species.

As you can see by the picture, the packages each feature an image of an endangered species, along with a cute little rhyme.

For example, the polar bear package reads, "Wrap with care... save the polar bear." And the crane package reads, "Can't refrain? Remember the whooping crane." The Cut reports there's even one for the monarch that reads, "Fumbling in the dark? Think of the monarch."

In response to people asking what he plans on doing with the condoms, Senator Sasse responded that he'll probably give them to charity.

To be honest, it is unclear to me whether or not that was supposed to be sarcastic, but I'm going to go ahead and assume so.

Senator Sasse shouldn't feel too special, though. The condoms have also been sent out to plenty of others.

The condoms were also apparently handed out at the Chicago zoo Thursday night. And they were also sent to every single member of the U.S. Senate.

OK, so if fear of contracting a potentially untreatable disease wasn't enough to make you use a condom, maybe helping to save these cute little animals will.