Madison Bailey is a spirited Aquarius.
Madison Bailey’s Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Thoughtful, Spirited Partner

And she's so compatible with her Pisces girlfriend.

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On Outer Banks, Madison Bailey plays an effortlessly cool rebel who isn’t afraid to do her own thing — and if Bailey is anything like her character Kiara, it makes complete sense she’s a free-spirited Aquarius. Aquarians are known for their fierce independence, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to commit fully and wholeheartedly when they’re in love. As partners, Aquarians are thoughtful, creative, and passionate. And in and outside of relationships, they’re bold, confident, and unafraid to speak up for themselves and their loved ones.

This description definitely seems to fit Bailey: She’s been outspoken about her identity, pansexuality, mental health, and relationship with UNC basketball star Mariah Linney, who she’s been dating since June 2020. “I've never been accused of shying away from important topics. I talk about things that matter, things that other people are uncomfortable to talk about,” Bailey told Elle in October 2020. “I feel like so much of my mental health and so much of my sexuality plays a huge part in who I am.”

So, what else can we learn about Bailey (and her love language) from her zodiac sign? Let’s look at the stars.

Aquarians Don’t Fall For Just Anyone.
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From Megan Thee Stallion to Harry Styles, Aquarians like Bailey definitely know how to attract and dazzle just about everyone — but they won’t settle down with just anyone. All air signs can notoriously be a little tough to pin down, but Aquarians especially tend to err toward hookups and friends-with-benefits situations. That said, they’re also known for knowing (and going for) what feels right. They can hesitate to jump into serious relationships, but rest assured — when an Aquarius decides they’re in, they’re all in.

Aquarians Want A Partner Who Feels Like A Teammate

Nothing is sexier to an Aquarian than an intellectual, creative, and passionate bond. If you’re trying to win an Aquarius over, keep in mind that they’re looking for a mental connection just as much as an emotional or sexual one; if they’re bored around you, it just won’t work out. They want someone who gets and challenges them, a partner who’s an equal and a best friend. Big romantic gestures might not be their thing, but long, thoughtful conversations, exciting adventures, and creative expressions of love definitely are.

Aquarians Aren’t Traditional In Love

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and revolution. In short, this means they like to make their own rules and buck convention, and romantically, they prefer to define love on their own terms. Anything goes with an Aquarius, but one thing your relationship won’t be? Boring.

Aquarians Are Compatible With Pisceans

At first glance, independent, subversive Aquarius and romantic, emotional Pisces might not seem like the most obvious love match. But both of these signs are endlessly creative and expressive, and neither has any patience for small talk — these two will get really deep right away. Shortly after Bailey went public with Linney in a June 2020 TikTok, she expressed her appreciation for her girlfriend’s very Piscean traits in an Entertainment Tonight interview. “She's very gentle-hearted, kind, loving, and you see that in the way she loves basketball [and] her family,” Bailey said in June 2020. “You see her loyalty and dedication in the things that she cares about. I think I am in love.”

Bailey’s Outer Banks character, Kiara, definitely approaches relationships like an Aquarius: Just look at her short-lived fling with Pope (Jonathan Daviss). Maybe in Season 3, she’ll find the kind of long-lasting love Bailey found with Linney.

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