8 Reasons Aquarius Women Are The Most Confident Partners In The Zodiac

by Elizabeth Caballero

Sure, we can be heartless and refuse to express any sort of emotion.

We can be stubborn as hell and scarily temperamental.

We often refuse to admit when we're wrong, and we won't acknowledge it when we realize we are.

We can be way too aggressive and abrupt.

We feel the need to come off as tough, despite the fact that our hearts are made of gold.

Aquarius women are a rare breed.

We can be shy and keep to ourselves, or we can be eccentric and totally out there.

Either way, Aquarians are known to be intellectual and deep thinkers.

We give tremendous amounts of thought to everything that is said or done.

As an Aquarius, I've put a lot of thought into why Aquarius women are the best partners in relationships.

These are the things I've found out:

1. We're fiercely independent.

We don't need you; we want you.

We're perfectly content being completely on our own and doing our own thing. Usually, we prefer it.

So, if we're allowing you into our little world, you must be pretty damn special.

2. We are unprejudiced and (mostly) unbiased.

We are able to think outside the box and outside our normal view.

We see every angle of a situation.

That, along with our ability to think deeply about things, makes for great decision-making.

3. We're stubborn.

I know this doesn't seem like a great quality.

You're probably asking, “How does being stubborn positively contribute to a relationship?”

Well, it can most certainly lead to the occasional argument when we refuse to let go of what we believe or refuse to apologize, even when we know we're wrong.

But here's the plus side of stubbornness: We have our beliefs, and we stick to them. We commit to them.

Once we commit to something — whether it's ideas or relationships — we stand by them and do everything we can to protect them.

4. We need alone time.

That time is vital for our sanity.

If you are able to give your Aquarius woman time to simply be by herself — whether it's for an hour or for a week — she will have such deep appreciation for it and you.

Think about how sweet it'll be when you're together again after that time apart.

5. Things will always be exciting.

We love to shock people just enough to keep things interesting.

A little element of surprise never hurt anyone.

Our creativity and open-mindedness ensures you will rarely be bored.

Just maybe sleep with one eye open. (Kidding. Or am I?)

6. We are loyal.

We will be devoted to you — and only you — through thick and thin.

You can count on the fact that we will stand by you and have your back 99 percent.

But that 1 percent of the time is still up in the air. (We have to keep things exciting, remember?)

7. We are constantly on the search for wisdom.

The vast majority of our conversations with others involve asking questions to feed our enquiring minds.

An Aquarius is on the hunt for wisdom and knowledge throughout his or her lifetime.

We are constantly seeking exactly that in relationships.

You can be rest assured that when you're dating an Aquarius, you will be encouraged to think outside the box like you never have before.

This will help you two grow and evolve together.

8. We have our eyes on the future.

We are constantly daydreaming about what our future will be like, whom it will be with and what adventures we will take on next.

Our past relationships might've been bad, but we will take what we've learned from them in order to make our future relationships even sweeter.

We take our relationship with you more seriously than you may think, and we are constantly thinking about what our future will be like.

Despite this fact, we can come off as slightly emotionless.

Overall, the Aquarius sign has quite a few weaknesses that can often overshadow its many strengths.

Those weaknesses can most certainly be more prominent than the strengths at times, but let me tell you this: You will never be loved more fiercely and more passionately than you will by an Aquarius.

You will never have as much fun or go on as many adventures with any other sign.

We might not always be into the lovey-dovey, mushy-gushy stuff, but we absolutely adore you. I promise.

You embrace our differences, so you can put money on the fact that we will not only embrace your differences, but we will also love and encourage them all the more.