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'OBX' Star Madison Bailey Has A *Controversial* Opinion About Kiara's Love Life

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There's a whole lot to love about Outer Banks. The teen drama premiered on Netflix in April of this year to almost immediate success, thanks to the show's winning combo of mystery, gorgeous beach scenes, and a main cast of lovable characters. One of those characters — Kiara, queen of the Pogues (played by Madison Bailey) — is at the center of one of the show's biggest plot points following Season 1's bombshell finale. So, who will Kiara end up with on Outer Banks? Madison Bailey has thoughts on this, as well as the other big moments that are coming.

Bailey is currently filming Outer Banks Season 2, which she tells Elite Daily is "just as good as Season 1, if not better." She recently teamed up with Schick to talk about the brand's Hydro Silk Touch-Up facial razor, and explains how she uses her eyebrows to convey emotions while filming the new episodes.

"Any time the camera's in a closeup, that's when all of your movements get smaller — and you move your eyebrow one way and it's a completely different emotion," she says. "So you have to have that movement in your eyebrows to create subtlety and realness to your performance."

Bailey hints these emotions will be on full display when Outer Banks returns, especially considering the Season 1 finale ended with a romantic shakeup among the tight-knit Pogue friend group. "We left off Season 1 with a Pope [Jonathan Daviss] and Kiara kiss, so we definitely are exploring that in Season 2," she says.

This exploration is certainly going to spark some heated debates among viewers. From the moment Season 1 premiered, the Outer Banks fandom has been divided over which Pogue they want Kiara to be with: Pope, John B (Chase Stokes), or JJ (Rudy Pankow).


But Bailey actually has a different vision for her character's love life. "I really don't want Kiara with any of them," she tells Elite Daily. "I want Kiara to either find someone new or just work on herself."

Bailey continues: "I kind of liked the friendship with the boys, and I liked that Kiara's story was like, 'I have these guy friends and these are the people that understand me,' and I don't really want her to end up with any of them because they're her friends."


Season 1 also left audiences with a huge cliffhanger regarding the show's other romantically linked characters: John B and Sarah (Madelyn Cline). After the two lovers fled the OBX in the middle of a storm, their friends were left wondering what happened to them. Bailey promises the show will dig into this plot point come Season 2.

"When we leave off, the Pogues think John B and Sarah are dead," Bailey explains. "The audience knows they aren't, but [the characters are] figuring out, 'How are we going to go about this with just the three of us?' And then John B and Sarah are heading to the Bahamas. So it's kind of interesting to see like how the three Pogues are living their life, and what's going on with John B and Sarah elsewhere."

Although the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, filming for Season 2 is safely underway. As thrilled as Outer Banks fans were when the series renewal was announced, Bailey and her castmates might have them beat.

"I'm so grateful for this show, and so grateful for the cast that I have and the energy that we all bring to it, and the lightheartedness in all of us, and genuinely finding joy at work," she says. "Working very hard and in the middle of a pandemic, it's so important to have good energy on set, and with the crew and cast and everybody, it feels so good. It feels so normal and happy and positive."

Season 1 of Outer Banks is streaming on Netflix now.

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