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Madelyn Cline's Dating History Is Way Different From Sarah Cameron's

Off-screen, she and Chase Stokes are actually the cutest.

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Madelyn Cline’s dating history is as straightforward as they come — as in, it can literally be summed up with one person. The Outer Banks actress has only dated one guy publicly: her co-star, Chase Stokes. The duo met on set of Season 1, and they started dating in April 2020 soon after filming wrapped up. Since then, they’ve been a solid couple (and it’s almost too easy to love them together). Just because Cline’s dating history isn’t overly complicated, that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in sweet moments and romantic quotes.

Since going public with their relationship in June 2020, Cline and Stokes have not exactly shied away from sharing their romance with fans. With flirty Instagram exchanges and a celebratory kiss on stage at the MTV Awards, this couple thrives in the spotlight. And although their characters, Sarah Cameron and John B, might have a turbulent romance, Cline and Stokes have been strong and steady from the get-go. In Cline’s own words, “[L]ove is tight.” No need to mess with a good thing!

That said, a deep dive into Cline’s dating history is basically a deep dive into her relationship with Stokes, and it’s definitely a romance worth looking into.

Their On-Screen Chemistry Started Romance Rumors


In the show, Cline and Stokes play couple Sarah Cameron and John B. (Quick shoutout to the casting team who made this call.) And as their love story played out throughout Season 1, many fans started to question if there was another romance going on behind the scenes. I mean, they did win the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss. That kind of chemistry is hard to fake.

These rumors really gained traction when Cline and Stokes decided to quarantine together — even though they were staying with other cast members too. Although that might seem like a stretch, Stokes confirmed that quarantine was when they started to fall for each other. “It wasn’t until after [filming Season 1] that until we started to kind of get into the lockdown where we were like, ‘Is there something here or am I crazy?’ That’s sort of where it bloomed from there,” he explained to Us Weekly in February 2021.

Based on their one-year anniversary posts, the couple officially started dating in April 2020.

They Confirmed Their Relationship In June 2020

Cline and Stokes didn’t go public with their relationship for a few months. But on June 14, 2020, Stokes answered the prayers of Outer Banks fans everywhere. Sharing photos from a romantic beachside picnic with Cline, he officially confirmed the romance rumors with a telling caption: “cats outta the bag.”

Cline replied in the comments section, “I’ve fallen and I can't get up.” Ugh, I love a flirty IG comment.

Although their confirmation was seriously cute, according to Cline, it was earlier than they would have wanted. In Nov. 2020, Cline told Entertainment Tonight that their relationship confirmation was mostly because “people were already speculating. People knew before we said anything.”

They’ve Shown Each Other Love On IG

For Cline’s 23rd birthday, Stokes gushed over her on Instagram. On Dec. 21, he wrote, “It’s quite rare to meet somebody and feel everything change. Thank you for making the coldest days warm, for your infectious love, and being the best dog mom to Lil mi. Happy birthday sweet thang you make my heart warm and fuzzy 25/8.” Reading that, my heart is secondhand warm and fuzzy.

Cline has shown Stokes the love on IG, too. On their first anniversary, she shared a couple of candid pictures of him, writing “adore u” alongside them.

Their Relationship Stayed Strong During OBX Season 2 Filming

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Season 2 of OBX brought up new challenges for Cline and Stokes’ relationship, but they were able to achieve balance as parters and co-stars pretty easily. In that same ET interview, Cline explained that being friends first strengthened their relationship — both professional and romantic.

“I think because we were friends before this, we understood how we worked as individuals before we were seeing each other. We knew how we worked professionally and we knew each other's personal boundaries,” she explained. “As a rule, we never bring anything negative to set. If there's a disagreement or a conversation that needs to be had that could potentially rain on the parade for that day, that's never something that happens before work.”

She told Elle in Aug. 2021 that she and Stokes set a firm boundary on day one of filming Season 2. “Prior to stepping foot on set the first day, we said, ‘Hey, let's talk about this and establish boundaries before we go back, because there are so many people that it can affect.’”

All in all, Cline explained that she was “very happy” to have the chance “to share this experience with [her] favorite people and also [her] favorite person.”

This Is Cline’s First Public Relationship

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Cline has been acting since 2009 (per her IMDb page), but playing Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks was her first real breakout role. Since she started dating Stokes soon after they wrapped filming for season one, this is her first romantic relationship in the public eye. Prior to Stokes, her dating history is pretty private — as in, I literally cannot find anything about it. Clearly, Cline knows how to keep her love life under wraps when she wants to.

Maybe it’s for the best though... not sure how anything could compare next to Cline and Stoke’s real-life love story.