This Girl Matched With Jesus On Tinder And His Profile Will Make You Laugh So Hard

by Sean Abrams
Kylah Benes-Trapp

Like all of us, I've encountered my fair share of crazies on Tinder.

I've seen large men named after Marvel super villains and eccentric gentlemen dressed like "Harry Potter" house elves. They put those who dole out regular 'ol dick pics to shame.

But when it comes to finding a real out of the ordinary match, Twitter user @QueenIdle takes the cake.

According to Buzzfeed, while doing some casual swiping, @QueenIdle found herself screen-to-screen with a profile claiming to be Jesus himself.

For real, though. J-E-S-U-S is on Tinder, guys.


He's literally turning a bottle of Smart Water into red wine while bread and fish (albeit, Swedish) lay waiting behind him.

Like any sane person, you know that the religious preacher isn't actually looking for love on the popular dating app, but that doesn't mean this impersonator isn't ready to convince you otherwise.

His main Tinder photo features him as a "21-year-old" carpenter, seated at a table with his luscious hair and long garb.

And if that doesn't make you curious as to what this guy's been smoking, his biography of upsides and downsides to dating him will have you wondering why you've never thought to impersonate a religious figure before.


Who knew there were so many sexual Jesus puns out there to be used?


Following a super like and a subsequent match, the girl and Jesus began conversing.

As expected, Jesus is quite the wordsmith with some fire pick-up lines that all men should take note of.

The girl continued to post screenshots of their interactions on Twitter, only to find that Jesus is a real player.

Other ladies who'd encountered the Christian figure online shared their conversations as well, showing their coy responses and confirming that Jesus is, in fact, quite the ladies man.

He's also pretty goddamn relentless, as you can see below.

He's also extremely clever.

My Tinder conversations usually consist of a short greeting, a few autocorrect flubs, and a ghosting. I'm not as quick on my feet as Jesus over here... nor can I walk on water.

There's no word if any of these girls ever met up (or found themselves "saved") by Jesus, but boy, that'd be quite the story if they did.

I wonder how much a flight to Nazareth costs?

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