Here Are The 5 Types Of Creeps You Are Guaranteed To Encounter On Tinder

by Katie Mather
Comedy Central

The invention of Tinder has been both a blessing and a curse for our generation. It lets you screen potential partners in lieu of throwing yourself out there and risking spending the night talking to a dud you can't get away from.

By getting the chance to review a profile and have a conversation before you meet the guy, you can pick out the creeps from the good guys (or at least the OK ones) and give you a much better chance at a satisfying date.

But on the other hand, Tinder exposes you to a whole lot of creeps in one concentrated place. Seriously, it's like guys lose their minds on that app. You're probably going to wade through a number of weird, inconsiderate or just plain gross messages on Tinder before you find a decent guy to go out with. Here are five creeps everyone encounters during their Tinder career.

1. The guy who can't take a hint.

Some guys on Tinder just can't seem to take a hint.

They'll send five or six messages in a row, not noticing that you aren't responding to his various pickup lines. How many times can a guy send “DTF?” without response before realizing you are absolutely not DTF?

If you eventually decide to give up and unmatch him, he might even seek you out on Facebook or some other dating website in order to specifically tell you that he thought you guys had great chemistry.

He will then proceed to ask why you unmatched him, and if you know that's a rude thing to do.

These guys are persistent, determined and definitely do not want to take a hint. Beware. Block them before they get too attached.

2. The guy with the pick-up lines.

This guy will send you obvious copy-paste messages that he sends to every girl on the app.

He might send you some cliche message like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven,” leaving you rolling your eyes and wondering where the creativity has gone.

These guys send thoughtless, generic messages. They're playing a numbers game, not looking for a connection, and you won't get any intelligent conversation or good dates out of them. Avoid at all costs.

3. The sexually explicit creep.

Some guys have absolutely no boundaries. They think being on the internet means it's a free for all in terms of decorum and standards for introductions.

Their first contact will be a request to hook up, they'll explicitly ask for head or they'll do something to show they have no understanding of human boundaries online.

The internet isn't the wild west. Guys who don't realize their sexual first messages are creepy are likely not going to be much better in real life. They're probably going to be crass and forward, and they'll definitely have some sexual expectations for the first date that they will fully feel entitled to.

4. The weirdly desperate guy.

Some guys don't even pretend to have shame on this dating app. Their first message is begging you to hook up, a pity story, or offering to pay you for sex. It's really weird, but it's surprisingly common.

“You're so beautiful have sex with meeeee,” they'll type.

“Hell no,” you'll think, and unmatch immediately.

These guys are never going to give you a nice date. They may not even want to meet you in person, because girls are scary. They may just want you to flirt with them or give them some wank material. Avoid desperation.

5. The "pick up artist" asshole.

For some reason, a ton of guys think insulting or negging girls is a great pick up technique. This guy is going to be really easy to spot. His first message might gently suggest you've done something wrong, or explicitly insult you.

It could be anything from “is the blonde or brunette current? You look better brunette” to “You're fat. Wanna fuck?”

These guys are following a shitty playbook telling them to insult women in order to lower their self esteem. They're the worst. They'll be even meaner in person. Block this creep immediately and don't look back.

Tinder creeps can really bring down the app, but not every guy on the app falls into a category on this list.

Although you may have to wade through some garbage, Tinder can still give you the opportunity to find the needle in the haystack you've been looking for.