Tweets About Using Tinder That’ll Make You Laugh, Then Cry About Your Love Life

by Sean Abrams
Studio Firma

Tinder isn't all fun and games.

Sure, the dating app is easy to navigate (fuck you, Grindr) and I don't usually question the legitimacy of the guys I'm chatting with, but maintaining your profile is basically a second job.

Anyone who's on it knows it's important to have a well-stocked variety of photos that show your range of interests (read: that prove you're an actual human). And your bio has to be absolutely perfect. Too short, and what the hell is the point? Too long, and you're considered weird for telling your life story.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

As it turns out, others share the same feelings I do when it comes to vigorously swiping left and right.

A few Twitter users took to social media to give their two cents when it comes to operating Tinder. Sometimes, it's a pleasurable experience. But other times, it's the bane of everyone's existence.

Here are some tweets about being on Tinder that'll make you laugh and then immediately cry because, well, they're painfully, painfully true:

Bathing in chicken tenders drowned in honey mustard is better than any social interaction.


Land of the free, home of the don't touch me.


Are you naughty, nice or just really uncomfortable?

We live in a heavily filtered world, people.


I must be black-out drunk when I swipe because I only match with straight-up ghouls.

Uh... we found love in a weird AF place...?


If I don't ask to see your balls, please don't show 'em to me.

This is the only dating game I may actually win.

Oh... you've killed someone? Wow, you must be, like, super athletic then?


Voulez-vous coucher avec baguette?

It doesn't get much classier than this garbage man right here.

Unless Ryan Gosling is taking you to Chili's, you're fired.


If there's one takeaway from this experience, it's that I seriously need to get off Tinder and meet other single humans like a normal person.

Social interaction from outside a phone can't be that scary... right?

Well, as long as can still keep chicken tenders involved.