Tweets About Loving Girls To Get You Hyped For Pride Month

To the surprise of literally no one whatsoever, I just need to come right out and say something.


Wow, it feels great to say that for the 50th time today.

In honor of Pride month, I think it's about time we really talked about how exhilarating, warm, and emotional it feels to love girls.

I began shouting my love for girls from the rooftops a long time ago, and now, my skin is clear, my crops are thriving, and my soul looks with favor upon my mere mortal shell of a human body.

No matter what they look like on the outside, all girls are essentially a warm and fuzzy package of the most breathtaking sunrise mixed with a bright, soulful full moon.

They are what keeps the world turning.

So to celebrate the beautiful creatures we call girls, here are 18 tweets about loving girls that will literally get you so hyped about loving girls!

Can every girl ever put their number in my phone? K, thanks.

Not loving girls? Sad!

I'm typing from the grave because this picture put me there.

Me, sobbing: Same.

I can't stop remembering this, which is one of my favorite problems.

I hear angels singing!!!!

Let me know when you find out pls.

Did you not get my 300th memo?? I LOVE GIRLS.

Yes to this. BUT ALSO GIRLS.

Petition to reimagine The Babadook as a girl.

I will never stop talking about loving girls, don't @ me.

I lied. Only @ me if you're literally any nice, cute girl (which is all of you).

Go on; I'm listening. Ignore me recording everything you say.

Where is the lie????

Get at me if you're a girl who loves girls. We're getting jackets.

Protect! All! Girls! At! All! Costs!

Louder for the people in the back, please!


Isn't it nice to be on the winning, girl-loving team?