17 Real AF Tweets Every Bisexual Can Relate To With Every Fiber Of Their Very Being

My days usually consist of two things: Me screaming about how bisexuals actually exist and me screaming about Kate McKinnon.

So every day is a day well spent if you ask me.

Unfortunately, the bisexual community is constantly subjected to a lot of unnecessary criticism: "You're not real." "You don't look bisexual." "You can't be bisexual if you're dating the opposite gender." "Do you want to have a threesome?" "Oh, you must be a cheater." "This is just a phase." "PICK A SIDE!!!"

But I'm pretty confident in saying that a lot of bisexuals are pretty freaking happy being bisexual, even if we constantly have to block out the bullshit from some irrelevant haters out there.

If you're curious as to what bisexuals are sick of hearing (and what we wish we'd hear more of), here are 17 tweets every bisexual can relate to on THE most spiritual level:

Hit us up if you're bisexual — we're getting jackets.

You can keep your pronoun changes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

It's funny you say that when someone else told us we didn't really exist yesterday...

You mad, bro?

OK, but did I ask???


We're nothing if not very supportive.

Margarine is non-dairy, people! Know. The. Facts.

We may be unicorns, but bisexual people are literally out here existing right now, as we speak.

WOW, it's crazy how bisexuals can just, like, turn off their bisexuality! I, for one, am SHOCKED!

A phase? I've been liking girls since I was 5 years old, Deborah. Chill.

Hi, hello, I'm bisexual. Here are the two genders I'm attracted to.


Any biphobes out there can take several seats.

I'm confused 99 percent of the time, but that's only because I'm generally a confused person... NOT because I'm bisexual.

Susan, we've been through this.

At the end of the day, we bisexuals know the truth:

So any biphobic people out there can keep their "pick a side" and their "bisexuality isn't real" to themselves and kindly take several seats.

You may not think we're valid, but guess who isn't getting a cool-ass jacket?