A Gemini and Virgo couple talking on a date.

Here’s Why Virgo And Gemini Compatibility Comes Down to Communication

They’re both ruled by Mercury — here’s what that means.


No one can communicate quite like signs ruled by the planet Mercury, which is why Gemini-Virgo relationships — including those between a Gemini man and Virgo woman, Virgo woman and Gemini woman, or any other gender makeup — are all about conversing with, relating to, and understanding each other. On the surface, these two astrological signs might not have a ton in common. Virgos are known for their propensity to plan ahead, and flexible, airy Geminis prefer to go with the flow. So do Gemini and Virgo get along, in general? They can! But surprisingly, a Virgo Gemini romantic match can be a really compatible one despite their differences.

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules both of these signs, albeit in very different ways. “Virgos and Geminis often find each other in this world,” Lisa Stardust, an astrologer and author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage, tells Elite Daily. “The difference between the way that Mercury governs both Gemini and Virgo is that Gemini is more of a communicator and a conversationalist, whereas Virgo is more of an analytical thinker and processor.”

Both Geminis and Virgos trust logic over emotion, but for a Virgo, this means assessing a situation, thinking (or overthinking), and coming to a conclusion. Gemini’s personality, meanwhile, has them known as the talkers of the zodiac — they have an opinion on everything, and let those opinions rule their decisions. And both of these signs, of course, always believe they’re the one in the right: If they disagree, there will be a prolonged, spirited debate, and neither sign is likely to admit defeat. But more often than not, these disagreements can actually be fun and exciting for both parties. They might even strengthen a Virgo-Gemini bond.

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“They both find comfort and amusement in conversing with each other. Gemini feels really at home with Virgo, and feels as though Virgo is an integral part of their foundation and someone with whom they can relate on a deep level,” Stardust says. “Virgo, on the other hand, feels that Gemini can help benefit their career and give them understanding about their life and how they relate to the world.”

This might not sound inherently romantic, and it’s true that Virgos and Geminis can often be drawn to each other in a platonic sense. These couples might share a different kind of bond before a romantic one — maybe they’re friends first, or coworkers. In any case, they’re drawn to each other because they’re intrigued by the way the other thinks, and they can easily and effortlessly “have a lot of fun together,” says Stardust. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be a great romantic or sexual match. “In romance, it can be really sizzling and last a long time,” Stardust explains.

Problems could arise if a Gemini gets stressed out by their Virgo’s need to prepare for the future, talk through even the most minor inconveniences, or just vent. And a Virgo will also have to accept that their Gemini isn’t going to automatically take their side and tell them they’re right. But if they can handle each other’s quirks, this connection could be beautiful, stable, and — above anything else — full of countless conversations and adventures.