6 Reasons You Should Date The Virgo Woman If You're Afraid Of Commitment

by Courtney Newell

My best friend and I are both Virgos, and though we are very different, we share in some core values that our Virgo-to-Virgo connection only highlights.

We look for the best in people, we're loyal to a fault, we overthink everything, we're perfectionists and we always put our families first.

Some of our similarities totally undermine how the Virgo woman has traditionally been stereotyped. (We are both messy as hell). My friend has a laid back Type B personality, while I'm stereotypical of the Virgo Type A.

Though we aren't completely stereotypical Virgo women, we approach our relationships with guys in the same way. We're caring and nurturing underneath the high walls we put around our hearts. Here are six reasons why you should wife up your Virgo girlfriend immediately:

1. We're compassionate and caring, but we don't get taken advantage of.

It's not that our love is conditional; we are just loyal to a fault. We tread along the surface for a while before diving in.

We aren't always the most trusting, even though we have a tendency to be naive. We may move slowly, but once you have us, you have our whole heart. Since we are skeptical of love at first, we think more clearly when we are in love.

We rarely get walked all over because we see things for how they are. We're able to separate ourselves from our emotions when we need to cut the toxic out of our lives. But, we will always care about you, even if it's hard to tell on the surface.

2. We will do little things each day to make your life easier.

When we feel appreciated, there is nothing in the world we wouldn't do for you. Whether its making you soup when you're sick or being your rock of support when you need a friend, we have your back.

3. We're independent.

We are happy when we are with you, and we are happy when we are alone, too. We will never cling to you like you're all we have because we know we have ourselves to fall back on.

You'll appreciate us for the new perspective we bring to the table, and we're interesting because you don't always hear from us. We believe love is a little better when you have a little time to miss each other.

We can do things on our own. You'll be proud you're dating us because we can pretty much handle whatever is thrown our way. We love having you around to kill the spiders and fix our broken desks, but don't think we will be calling you for help with everything.

4. We will be your number one supporter and motivator.

The Virgo woman wants to make you better in the best way possible.

When I hang with my Virgo girlfriends, we get each other legitimately wound up. We talk about all of our big plans, hopes and dreams, and we talk each other into doing what we love.

With you, we just want you to be your best self, too. We will talk you up until you couldn't imagine doing anything but what you really want.

5. We will be as detail-oriented in the bedroom as we were on our last A-graded paper (which was, like, yesterday).

We're perfectionists at heart, and this carries over to all factors of our lives. If we feel like we're not good at something (or slightly worse than somebody else), you best believe we're working our asses off to get on top. We're competitive like that, but you think it's hot.

6. We're a great time, but we've also got our sh*t together.

Just because we can party with the best of them doesn't mean we lie in bed all day being hungover messes (well, most of the time). We have our priorities in line.

You're one of them, but so is working out, being a great student and killing it at work. If you aren't convinced to date a Virgo yet, we happen to make the world's best chocolate chip cookies.