How To Tell If A Celeb's Tinder Profile Is Real Or Not, From An Expert

by Sheena Sharma

It turns out a lot of celebrities are on Tinder.

Hottie McHotterson Zac Efron was on it. Ryan Lochte, too, has taken a dip into Tinder waters, and even this girl met a winning Olympian on Tinder, but rejected him because she didn't know who he was (but oh, does she regret that now!).

Yes, these were all real celebrity profiles on the average dating app. And no, none of their matches believed their profiles were real.

So, how can YOU avoid the same mistake and actually spot a celeb's real dating profile?

I interviewed Laurie Davis Edwards, Founder of eFlirt (an online dating concierge experience), to find out.

First, it's important to note that it's more common to see fake celeb dating profiles than real ones, but the legit ones are out there, says Edwards.

In fact, like verified Twitter accounts, verified Tinder accounts are a thing! The account will have a check mark next to it, which indicates the person is a public figure.

If there's no check mark and you're still trying to figure out if this "celeb" is for real, there's only one solution: Swipe right.

"There's no way to be proactive unless you swipe right," Edwards stresses.

Makes sense.

There's no way to be proactive unless you swipe right.

Your odds may be better on certain apps, though. Celebrities tend to "hang out" in the same digital places – including dating apps like The League and Raya (which is used exclusively among celebrities like Ruby Rose).

But they also like to use non-exclusive apps, like Tinder, and mainstream social media platforms (you know, the same way a celeb might be spending their time at a VIP club one night, but at a regular old diner on another).

"A lot of celebrities, especially athletes, get dates through Twitter or Instagram, and they initiate the conversations through DMs," says Edwards.

So, if you want to link up with Ryan Lochte, maybe try slipping into his DMs instead of trolling for his Tinder account.

Another clue that the profile may be real? The photos.

"Some celebrities are going to post nothing: either no photos, or photos of all obscure things that are not themselves," says Edwards.

"In that case, what happens is they usually choose who they're messaging. In their initial messages, they may disclose who they are."

You shouldn't worry about whether or not they're bullshitting you until you start talking about meeting each other.

"But if you did want to verify that they are real, ask them to take a selfie, and send one back so it seems playful," suggests Edwards. "Because it should be a flirty, fun thing."

And that bring us to another excellent point by Edwards: Oftentimes, we mere mortals tend to sensationalize famous people, the lives they lead and what they have to offer. (I am a prime example of someone who does this.)

"Celebrity or not, you still need to be making decisions in your dating life with your feelings or your heart," says Edwards.

Hear that, guys? Decide with your heart, not based on how famous someone is. A celeb could be dumb as rocks, or you may just not have sparks when you meet.

"Sure, it would be fun to meet Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling," Edwards continues. "But does that mean he's going to be the love of your life? A celebrity's message could have tons of typos, and just call you beautiful. It's gonna feel inauthentic."

So, it's safe to conclude that a person may not be the right person for you just because they're a celebrity.

And just like with any other person, you never know if they're looking for a serious relationship or just a hookup.

With that in mind, I asked Edwards if she's heard of any success stories that came out of celebrities using dating apps. Sadly, she hasn't.

Aw, man.

But if you lead with your heart, then maybe you could be the first one.