Ryan Lochte Is On Tinder And We Know What His Profile Looks Like

by Adam Silvers

According to reports, the International Olympic Committee provided 450,000 condoms to the Olympic village in Rio this month. For all my non-mathematicians out there, that's 43 condoms for each athlete to use in a 17-day stretch.

Uh, that's a lot of sex.

However, after learning about the sportsswipe Instagram account, it appears roughly half a million condoms may not be enough. This Instagram account is a collection of Tinder and Bumble profile pics of the athletes competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Basically, a lot of Olympians are on Tinder and Bumble, and it looks like they're all trying to get it in.

It appears one of the more famous Olympic athletes on Tinder is US swimmer Ryan Lochte, who, based on the following alleged profile photos, is definitely trying to multitask this month in Rio.

And it looks like it's not just Ryan Lochte who is trying to set the individual record for most condoms used in Rio.

Obviously, it didn't take long for Twitter to get wind of Ryan Lochte's alleged Tinder profile pic, and the tweets have been, well, take a look...

Hope you win big in all competitions in Rio and beyond, Ryan Lochte.

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