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Blake Horstmann said he would be open to reconnecting with Becca Kufrin.

Blake Isn’t Closing The Door On A Post-BIP Reunion With Becca

In Horstmann’s words, “We’ll see.”

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Becca Kufrin has had more than one brutal Bachelor breakup, but none were as bittersweet as her split from Blake Horstmann. Not only did they have a clear connection on Kufrin’s 2018 season of The Bachelorette, but they’ve consistently supported each other in the years since. In the wake of Kufrin’s split from her winner (and ex-fiancé) Garrett Yrigoyen, fans wondered if Kufrin and Horstmann might give their relationship another shot — and, as it turns out, a reunion isn’t out of the question. In an Aug. 20 episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Horstmann revealed he’d been talking to Kufrin in the past several months.

“We did kind of chat here and there, and we were back in touch within the last, like, six months,” Horstmann said. “It kind of came down to if she was going to do Paradise or not.” Although we haven’t seen Kufrin hit the beach yet, she’s confirmed to appear on the show — and by the looks of the season trailer, she pursues a relationship with Thomas Jacobs. Still, Horstmann isn’t opposed to reconnecting once the show ends. “We’ll see how Paradise works out, because she’s going to Paradise.”

On that note, he added, Kufrin is still heavily involved in the Bachelor franchise: Along with her upcoming Paradise stint, she hosts the podcast Bachelor Happy Hour. “I don’t know, that show can change you and those producers get a hold of you. The show doesn’t like me,” he admitted. “The show doesn’t want to see us together. She has, like, the ABC podcast, that’s kind of her thing. She is very much involved in that show. We’ll see.”

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Kufrin confirmed her split from Yrigoyen in a September 2020 episode of her podcast. Members of Bachelor Nation suspected they broke up over political differences — while Kufrin confirmed she voted for Joe Biden, Yrigoyen is openly conservative and posted in support of “Blue Lives Matter” back in June 2020. Kufrin, however, said the breakup was about so much more than that. “After many conversations, we came to this decision," she said on Bachelor Happy Hour. "It wasn't something that we just arrived at one night. It wasn't based solely off of one Instagram post or somebody else's opinions or comments.”

On Reality Life, Horstmann said he never envisioned Kufrin and Yrigoyen breaking up. “I completely put her out of my head. It was never something, like, ‘When they break up…,’ because I never thought they would,” he said. “When they did, it was, like, this weird thing of, ‘Well, I wonder if there’s anything still there.’” Since then, the exes have gotten flirty on social media, and fellow Bachelor alum Natasha Parker even hinted that she thought there was still something there.

“Blake FaceTimed [Becca] a few times while he was in Nashville,” Parker said on an April 2021 episode of the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. “Personally, for me, it would be very interesting if the two of them ended up in Paradise. That’s all I’m gonna say.” I, for one, would love to see it.