Clayton Echard and Rachel Recchia as guests on The Bachelor premiere.
Bachelor Stars Had *Feelings* About The Second Half Of Clayton’s Finale

Twitter was basically on fire.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Every time another season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette comes to a close, ABC teases the last episode as “the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history.” After 46 seasons (not even counting Bachelor in Paradise and other spin-offs), the cliché feels a little tired. But host Jesse Palmer has been insisting for weeks that there would truly be a rollercoaster ride at the end of Season 26, and you know what? He delivered. Even former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars thought Clayton Echard’s finale was jaw-dropping.

In case you missed it, the March 15 finale saw Clayton break the hearts of both Rachel and Gabby, then attempt a hail-mary proposal to Susie Evans (whom he had previously sent home); after Susie rejected him in Iceland, he revealed during the live “After the Final Rose” special that he and Susie actually are happily together now as boyfriend and girlfriend. You got all that?

This season has been nonstop drama from the start — I mean, I still haven’t regained my taste for shrimp after #Shrimpgate, and Clayton’s first rose was rejected before the show even really began. Is it any surprise the finale was just as major?

Bachelor Nation stars weren’t shy about sharing their opinions about each twist and turn on Twitter. Here are the best of the bunch.

This Tweet About Gabby’s Speech

After Clayton unceremoniously dumped both Gabby and Rachel at the same time, Gabby had a few choice words for the Bachelor — which was only fair since he begged her to stay in the previous episode.

“I can't believe anything you say, not one thing. You asked me to stay because you were pissed and your pride was hurt because Susie left,” she told Clayton. “Honestly, like a couple of days doesn't seem to make that big of a difference, Clayton. Except that one time it was going to be my decision, which you didn't want it to be, and now it's your decision so, it's easier.”

As Justin Glaze pointed out, she had several points.

This Tweet About The Perfect “No”

Justin — and the rest of Twiter — was also overjoyed to hear Gabby reject Clayton’s offer to walk her out. She walked herself out, like the icon she is.

This Tweet About Protecting Rachel

Rachel’s conversation with Clayton was much more tear-heavy. Even while he walked her to the car, she still seemed to be waiting for him to change his mind and was devastated when he didn’t. The pain was palpable, and minutes later, everyone watching the show had to see her confront Clayton in the hot seat. Understandably, some Bachelor alum just wanted to protect Rachel from any further distress.

This Tweet About Rachel’s Dad

Rachel’s dad, nicknamed Big Tony, was obviously angry while he was sitting in the audience. And although he refused to say a bad word about Clayton, some people were hoping that he would let his paternal instincts take over.

This Tweet About The Hot Seat

During the live interview portions of the finale, the conversations were painful. And Cassidy Timbrooks, a contestant from this season, had a lot of conflicting thoughts on the sitch.

This Tweet About The Neil Lane Ring

After everything that happened, The Bachelor still featured a Neil Lane ring — yes, really. During Clayton’s last conversation with Susie, he had the diamond in his pocket. Though she never gave him a chance to propose and told him it was “over,” the ring still got its moment in the spotlight. Kudos, Neil.

This Tweet About Jesse Palmer’s Eyebrow Raise

By the time Clayton left Iceland, it seemed impossible that he could have a happy ending until Jesse hinted at exactly that (with a really impressive eyebrow raise, no less).

This Tweet About The Happy Couple

Shocker: Clayton and Susie ended up together! Despite their rocky time on the show, it seems like they are really happy together.

This Tweet About The Live Audience

Unfortunately, the live audience seemed way less impressed with the couple.

This Tweet About The Bachelorettes

The crowd had a much bigger reaction when it was time to announce the next Bachelorette(s): Gabby and Rachel.

This Tweet About Deja Vu

This isn’t the first time the franchise has cast two leads though. Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette season also started with two leading women. Luckily, this time, they won’t be competing for who gets to stay.

This Tweet About The Real Winners

You know you’re doing OK when Michelle Young is on your team.

This Tweet About The Bright Side

Even though the journey was anything but easy, it seems like the final three women all got their own versions of a happily-ever-after.

This Tweet Predicting The Next Season

Here’s hoping it doesn’t get too complicated with two Bachelorettes.

This Tweet About A Hot Take

As for Clayton, it seems like the worst of it is (finally) over.

Friends, get ready for the drama to start all over again on July 11, when Paradise begins to air. You have four whole months to heal your whiplash from this finale and get your Twitter fingers ready.