The Final Rose
On March 14, Twitter was dominated by the 'Bachelor' stars reacting to Clayton Echard's finale.
Bachelor Stars Reacted To The Most Jaw-Dropping Moments Of Clayton’s Finale

They said what we’ve all been thinking…

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In most Bachelor seasons, drama dominates the storyline for the first part of the series. By the end, however, there tends to be more focus on the love story. It’s a formula that makes sense — especially considering the ending usually involves a Neil Lane ring and a promise of forever. Unfortunately, it seems that Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season is the exception to this rule. Though his finale is halfway over, rumor has it that there is still plenty of drama to get through, and Bachelor producers are calling in reinforcements, inviting a panel of alumni to the live finale for their takes on the sitch. But that isn’t the only place they’re airing their feelings. On March 14, Bachelor stars reacted to Clayton’s finale (night one) on Twitter, and they did not hold back.

ICYMI, during the episode, Clayton revealed to his final two women, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, that he was in love with both of them (and Susie Evans, too) and was “intimate” with both of them in the fantasy suites. A lot of tears ensued, and although both women ended up agreeing to meet Clayton’s family, the episode ended with one final twist: Clayton’s heart was still with Susie — and Rachel and Gabby. (Let the record show, he is indecisive.)

Though there is still no telling how Clayton’s finale will end, one thing’s certain: Twitter will have an opinion, and Bachelor alums will be joining in the conversation.

This Tweet About The Slow Start

There was a lot of hype for this episode, especially considering the first half was mostly just sobbing. Of course, the echoing cries weren’t exactly boring, but they did go on for some time. So it’s no wonder that former Bachelorette Katie Thurston was waiting for things to speed up.

This Tweet About All Those “I Love You”s

Before Ben Higgins’ season, leads famously did not say, “I love you,” to more than one person. Ben did not follow that rule, and awkwardness obviously ensued. (I mean, it is pretty hard to forget your fiancé was also in love with someone else just a few days before he proposed.) It seems like Clayton didn’t think this one through — or maybe he just missed Ben’s season?

This Tweet About Clayton’s Expectation

Clayton started the “rose ceremony from hell” by explaining that he was in love with both of the women there (plus Susie) and was intimate with both of them. Afterward, he seemed ready to proceed with the rose ceremony — like what? — and it wasn’t until Rachel asked for a minute that they actually took a break.

Of course, the rose ceremony eventually happened, but the whole thing felt tense, and Connor Brennan (aka, the cat from Katie’s season) knew exactly why.

This Tweet About Gabby Being A Queen

When things got complicated, Gabby had all the right questions for Clayton. (And based on the preview for the second half of the finale, it seems like her boss moments are only getting started.)

This Tweet About Clayton’s Use Of “Most”

When pressed by Gabby, Clayton said that he would make his final rose decision based on who he loves the “most” (despite the fact that he already told Susie it was her). Gabby didn’t like that though, and even though she eventually agreed to stay, she made it clear to him that love shouldn’t be measured.

This Tweet About That Iconic Quote

One of Gabby’s best (and most Bachelorette-esque) moments so far? This quote. She wants to be loved for herself — not in comparison to someone else — and this might be a perfect theme for her future Bachelorette promo.

This Tweet About The Echard Family’s Airbnb

Was there a not-so-subtle sponsorship deal happening between The Bachelor and Airbnb? Clayton’s brother Patrick referenced the site, so there’s a chance he’s becoming the family’s latest (and greatest) influencer.

This Tweet About Clayton’s Dad Supporting Gabby And Rachel

Clayton’s dad was not on Team Clayton last night. From telling Gabby he “respected” her initial decision to walk away to him telling Rachel he would have “smacked” his son in her position, Mr. Echard is 100% a girl dad — even if he has three sons.

This Tweet About Clayton’s Brother Sending A DM

Let’s be honest: Everyone was waiting to see Clayton’s brothers, mostly because we still don’t know which one slid into Teddi’s DMs.

This Tweet About Eyeing Clayton’s Brothers

If Teddi isn’t interested, there’s another woman from Clayton’s season might be.

This Other Tweet About Seeing The Alumni Panel

Bachelor producers invited a group of alums to the live finale, and there was one very surprising appearance: Cassie Randolph. Since Cassie’s relationship with Colton Underwood imploded (and he allegedly stalked her), she has been taking some much-needed space from the world of The Bachelor.

This Tweet About Clayton Still Loving Susie

By the end of the episode, it was clear that Clayton was still focused on Susie — even though he just introduced Gabby and Rachel to his family.

This Tweet About That Shocker Ending

The ending of this episode definitely implied that Clayton would be pursuing Susie, but were does that leave the other women? Clay Harbor had one suggestion: If Susie is Clayton’s number one, he should say goodbye to Gabby and Rachel — yes, even if that means that he ends up alone.

This Tweet About Who Was On That Alumni Panel

Nick Viall is one former Bachelor who always has an opinion. (He actually hosts The Viall Files podcast where he does weekly episode recaps.) Still, that doesn’t mean every alum recognized him.

This Tweet About Cassie Understanding The Assignment

Cassie might have taken a break from Bachelor Nation, but it only gave her more perspective. When asked for her take on the sitch, “I definitely was having déjà vu watching this, for sure. And I know every situation is so different. I think the fact that Susie left in the first place just kind of shows, you know, she really stuck with her intuition and was right — as hard as it was, she had to leave,” she explained.

“And I hope that if he does go back, which is seeming very possible that he's going to, that she just doesn't feel pressure — whether that's pressure from him to have a relationship or pressure to give a happy ending to the show or pressure because, when she initially came on the show, she wanted to find something,” she added. “I just hope that she sticks with her intuition.”

This Tweet About Jesse Palmer’s Hosting

TBH, I was also worried about this happening.

This Tweet About All The Drama

The Bachelor loves a dramatic season finale, but not all of the alumni feel the same. Kelley Flanagan, for one, was hoping for a more romantic storyline.

This Tweet About Clayton’s Apparent Lack Of Empathy

Several times in the episode, Gabby asked Clayton to put himself in her shoes, but the request never seemed to click for him. He seemed to struggle to empathize with either woman, and Blake Horstmann had a guess as to why.

This Tweet About Tuesday’s Episode

OK, so Monday’s episode of The Bachelor was drama-filled, and apparently, there’s way more where that came from.

This Tweet About Night 2

The Bachelor alums are really hyping up part two of this finale...

This Tweet About A Bachelorette Prediction

Gabby handled this conflict like a pro, and she had some amazing quotes. Dare we say that she needs to be the next Bachelorette?

It seems like the #TheBachelor hashtag has never been so passionate — and we still have another night to get through.