7 Signs You’re With Your Forever Person

Let me be totally honest: Being married is super fun. It's like having a slumber party every night with the coolest, cutest, sexiest person you know.

Before I met my husband, I wasn't sure I ever actually wanted to get married. It was only after he swept me off my feet that I realized I never actually knew what it was like to really love someone.

Meeting your "forever person" is a unique experience. It'll make you question everything you did in relationships prior and feels awesome in the best way possible.

If you think you might have found your forever person, here are some clues to know it's right:

1. You'll Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin


When I met my husband, I immediately felt like I could be myself.

No matter what weird personality quirk I had — especially the ones I used to try to keep under wraps — I still felt comfortable enough to let my husband see them all. It's like if I get woken up while I'm sleeping, I don't mind letting him see me turn into Attila the Hun.

I don't need to keep that morning moodiness a secret.

When you find your forever person, you'll feel totally comfortable just being you. You won't feel like you need to put on an act for them, and you'll know that they are there for you, just as you are.

2. You'll Adore Them

In prior relationships, although I would have fun with the people I was with, that's all it was: fun.

With my husband, I feel a deep adoration for everything he is. I admire his kindness, his intellect, and his general goodness. I truly adore him, and I never thought I would feel that way about someone.

Once you find yourself with this person of yours, you'll realize that you not only love them - you cherish them.

Your forever person will be someone who you could endlessly admire because you truly like and value everything about who they are.

3. You'll Feel Connected To Them

Lukas Korynta

Sometimes, I'll pick up my phone to text my husband something, and I'll look down to see that he just texted me that exact same thing.

Other times, he'll be about to say something, and I'll say it first. While we both get freaked out and laugh at these unusual occurrences, the reality is, we love them because they make us feel connected.

You'll feel in sync with this person like you've never felt in sync with anyone before. And because of that, you'll know it's real.

4. You'll Feel Secure, Not Jealous

I've never thought jealousy was an attractive trait.

Despite that, I would still feel pangs of immature jealousy with former flames. I didn't like the insecurity that came with other women flirting with my partner and I never really felt a deep, significant trust with my partner.

With my husband, it's the exact opposite: I feel no jealousy because I know what we have is amazing. I feel secure. He makes me feel like I am the only person that could ever matter to him — and the only person that ever will.

When you meet your forever person, any childish jealous traits you have will disappear. The security of your love together will give you a calmness you've never felt before, and there will be no need for jealousy.

5. You'll Experience Bliss


Being in a relationship is fun, but there needs to be so much more to it.

When I met my husband, I not only felt happy, but I felt deeply blissful. The bliss I feel with him is more like a spiritual joy, and to me, it feels like it's more than an everyday "happy."

Happy is something I feel when the sun is shining or when something went well at work. Bliss, though, is a state of mind: It's the positive, content feeling I have all the time just knowing that my husband exists.

When you meet your forever person, you'll experience a really new, really pleasant feeling of true bliss. You'll wonder why you settled for the superficial feelings you felt with others before.

6. You'll Crave Them Constantly


No matter if I had a good day or a bad day, I crave my husband at the end of it.

It's more than just wanting to share things with him — it's that I feel like I really need to be in the same space he is to reset myself. Before, I valued my own personal space more than my relationship space, but with him, it feels better being together.

In a true partnership, you'll be surprised at how much you actually want to be with them. It won't be that you want to see them to go to the movies or go to a fancy dinner. Instead, you'll just crave their physical presence.

The best part is: Your forever person will crave you, too.

7. You'll Feel As Though You Can Handle Anything Together


In my prior relationships, I always felt like if it didn't work out, I could just leave and abandon it. It felt easy enough to jump ship if I saw problems.

Now, though, it's the opposite: In my marriage, I feel like problems don't stand a chance. With my husband, not only do I never want to leave, I feel like we can take on absolutely anything that life throws at us.

With your forever person, you'll know that you can handle it all. It won't matter if you are nervous or unsure about your path in life. Being with your forever person will feel make you feel capable of absolutely anything.

While it is true that "when you know, you know," sometimes, it can help to have a little more guidance. If you feel the things on this list, chances are, you've found that person.