4 Things You’ll Notice About Yourself When You’re Comfortable In Your Relationship

by Korey Lane

There's a simple pleasure in the moment you realize that you're comfortable in your relationship. Not in a "we're too comfortable and we've lost the ~romance~" way, but in the "my hair's a mess but bae won't care because they love me for me," way. It's a slow progression, but if you’re comfortable in your relationship, you'll notice you're not just happy, but also genuinely confident and relaxed.

Now, before you start worrying: There's definitely nothing wrong with being comfortable in your relationship. After all, if you're comfortable in your relationship, that typically means that "you are at peace," Heather Kristian Strang, spiritual author, guide, and matchmaker tells Elite Daily. "When you are at peace, it is easy to love, it is easy to laugh, it is easy to feel joy." Strang also says that when you're comfortable, "you and your partner can clearly make decisions that positively impact your futures, you can plan the greatest getaway, the greatest party, the greatest life ever."

Don't let the naysayers fool you; there are those who "warn against being comfortable, saying it's the 'end' of sexiness and in general sex and flirtation in the partnership," Strang says. But this "does not have to be true at all." So, what do experts have to say about knowing you're comfortable in a relationship? Here's what you'll notice in you and bae.

You don't stress about the small things.

If you and your significant other are super comfortable around each other, one sign is that, "you’ll be sharing Netflix accounts," Julie Spira, online dating expert, tells Elite Daily. It might sound odd, but there really is a sense of comfort in sharing such a mundane part of your life together. It also proves you trust each other with sensitive information that you know they won't give away.

You call each other pet names.

People can hate on "babe" couples as much as they want, but the truth is that partners who have pet names for each other are probably super secure in their relationship. As Spira says, a sign of being in a comfortable relationship is that you "may have a pet name for your sweetheart." In fact, a recent study by Superdrug revealed that pet names signify a strong relationship between lovers.

So, call each other babe if you want! Heck, call each other Sugar Muffin if that's what you're into. Do what makes you happy, and know that it's because you feel comfortable enough in your relationship to do so.

You start to relax, in a good way.

Another sign that you're comfortable in a relationship is when you realize your partner will still treat you the same no matter what you're wearing or not wearing. You'll probably "start dressing more casual (sans makeup)," Spira says. If you feel good in your own skin, own it! You deserve to be in a relationship where you don't feel the need wear makeup every day if you don't want to.

"When you’re comfortable in your relationship, it doesn’t mean you get lazy, it just means you have an opportunity to be yourself," Spira says.

Remember: Being comfortable doesn't mean the end of desire and sex. In fact, Strang advises that if both partners are "willing to try new sexual practices, and be committed to making love on the regular," the spark never has to die. "When you do this, your 'comfortable' relationship becomes the best relationship you've ever had."

You have a routine.

Last, but certainly not least, you'll know you're totally comfortable in your relationship if you have a routine. Couples who are comfortable in their relationship will "have a regular flow, such as time of day to text or call, or know that you have a steady date on the weekends," Spira says. Whether it's what you do together in the morning before work, a specific date night each week, or little ways that you check in on each other when you're apart, you're never really too anxious about not hearing from them.

Being comfortable in your relationship is a great thing! It takes time to get there, but it's so worth it. "You are secure in yourself first and foremost and in your partnership which allows you to live a peaceful, joyful, love-filled life," Strang says.