Guy Who Spent Over $200K To Look Like Ken Doll Has Officially Succeeded

by Gigi Engle

One thing we tend to overlook when it comes to beauty standards is that while it's a great challenge for women everywhere to achieve them, men are also experiencing unreasonable demands when it comes to their appearances.

Remember Justin Jedlica, the human Ken Doll who endured more than 190 surgeries to become as plastic as possible?

After him there was Celso Santebanes, a second human Ken Doll who also spent thousands of dollars to transform his looks into plastic perfection.

Because two just aren't enough, there's now a third human Ken Doll in the making, and he's spent more money than the first two combined.

Meet Rodrigo Alves.

He's undergone several nose jobs, Botox filters, six-pack implants, calf-shaping and leg liposuction procedures all to make himself look more like a doll than an actual human being.

He's spent $189,954! That's more than most people make in five years. And he went even further by spending an additional $75,981 to have a six-in-one procedure. He makes Heidi Pratt look reasonable.

The operation included his fourth nose job, an operation on his eyes, a toe-pinning procedure, even more liposuction and an incision that cut into his gums meant to make his smile wider.

He told The Daily Mail:

It doesn't define the man that I am — I'm much more than silicone and cosmetic surgery — but once you get started it's difficult to stop. I'm quite hard on myself and I'm scared of getting old — that's the truth.

We can't help but feel really dismayed at the desire to trade in humanity to look like a doll.

Are Ken Dolls setting an unrealistic set of standards for men who find their natural looks to be subpar, and subsequently spend exorbitant amounts of cash to transform their appearances?

Beauty standards are an arbitrary, fleeting fad.

But Alves' downright terrifying appearance shows just how far people are willing to go to meet them.

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