Male Model Who Spent $50,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Ken Gets His Own Doll

by Adam Matula

A Brazilian model has spent over $50,000 on cosmetic procedures to solidify his look as the real life Ken doll, Barbie’s boyfriend.

Celso Santebanes, 20, has taken it upon himself to mirror the doll’s image as his own. Santebanes has had four surgeries on his jaw, chin and nose to replicate Ken’s look.

The model might have a chance to make back all the money he’s spent on cosmetics, and then some. Santebanes, a doll fanatic, is releasing his own line of Celso dolls.

He joins the ranks of other self-proclaimed real-life Ken dolls, Rodrigo Alves and Justin Jedlica.

Celso posted a picture of his doll creation and wrote about his recent success on his personal Instagram account.

I never expected to have a toy myself...I went to the city to become a model…I dreamt of being a human puppet, but having one in my image was completely unexpected.

Santebanes said what inspired him to become “a human puppet” was his family, who told him he had a significant resemblance of Ken.

The Celso doll is set to release in Los Angeles in September.

Santebanes has admitted he plans to have more surgery and charges up to $16,000 for VIP appearances.

After going on a Brazilian talk show in Sao Paolo and recently noting that he’s talking to producers for reality TV shows, Santebanes admits his experience has been transformative. Literally.

This is all so magical. My life has changed…I feel like the whole of Brazil is supporting me…People are sometimes frightened by the way I look, and stop me to say how much I look like a doll…I do suffer a lot of prejudice. But the world is full of judgmental people, I don't care.

As much attention as he is getting, real-life Ken is struggling to find his other half.

The human Ken bachelor is looking for his Barbie, writing on his Facebook page: "Who wants to be my girlfriend? After all no one is happy alone."

H/T: IBN Live, Photos Courtesy: Instagram