It's Amazing How Much Women's 'Ideal' Body Has Changed Over 100 Years

by Gillian Fuller

Yesterday, we shared Cut Video's 100 Years of Beauty In One Minute (modeled after Cut's first 100 Years video), which outlined the past century of African American beauty standards through the transformation of one model.

The concept of the ever-changing nature of societal beauty standards is one that's recently been heavily discussed in the media, and the theme isn't going anywhere soon.

The website Greatist, perhaps inspired by these inventive videos, recently created a series of graphics depicting how body ideals have changed throughout the past century.

As with beauty standards, these graphics reveal major changes throughout the decades.

Using illustrations, the graphics start with the year 1910, when the “Gibson Girl” figure -- corseted, curvy and softer -- was the picture of physical perfection.

Each of the following graphics represents the following decades: 1920, 1930 and so on. It ends in 2010, the year of the “Booty Babe,” characterized by, unsurprisingly, a round, prominent backside.

Each decade in-between is marked by a slightly different body type, some favoring the stick-thin body, others idealizing killer curves. The goal is to show there's no one definition of beauty.

It's ever-changing, and to define ourselves by what society deems to be beautiful is fruitless. One standard will soon be replaced by another.

In addition to being informative, these graphics are empowering.

Once we understand the concept of perfection is fleeting, we can stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to fit that arbitrary mold constructed by the media.

See the graphics below, and for more detailed information on the body types and beauty standards discussed, head over to Greatist.

Soft, curvy and womanly figures ruled early in 1910.

In the Roaring 20s, a boyish figure was in.

The 30s were all about soft femininity.

Think pin-up girls in the 40s.

This ultra-curvy figure was popularized by Marilyn Monroe in 1950

The 60s were all about rejecting the previous decade; skinny was in.

The 70s favored thinness, too, and being tall was a major plus.

The workout video woman -- fit and tall -- was trendy in the 80s.

The 90s style, otherwise known as "heroin chic." (Thanks, Kate Moss.)

The 2000s were all about showing off muscle tone

Today? We're all about that (b)ass.

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