The Crazy Cosmetic Procedures Women Are Currently Undergoing To Get The 'Perfect Body'

by Katie Gonzalez

Eyebrow plucking, Brazilian waxing, microdermabrasion treatments, chemical skin peels.

Beyoncé sang about how "Pretty Hurts," and as fellow primpers can attest, she really isn’t exaggerating.

These procedures are all about as painful as they sound, and are something many women engage in frequently (if not at least twice a week) to be able to look like their “normal” selves seen in public.

All women would likely admit to at least one slightly-harmful, kinda-painful part to their beauty regimen — from the more innocuous shellac manicure and eyelash curling, to the take-at-least-two-Advil bikini wax.

But we’ve noticed a dangerous trend in the beauty world, in which more and more women are seemingly going an extra mile to assuage their insecurities and reduce their perceived flaws.

From injections to surgery, these women are taking things a bit too far.

Read on to discover the most harmful beauty trends out there today:

The Modern-Day Foot Binding


Not just reserved for ancient Asian practices (to prevent the women from running away, we think), the New York Times reported earlier this year that certain NYC socialites seek to have surgery on their feet to make wearing point-y and gravity-defying stiletto heels more "comfortable."

Since flats are clearly not an option, these women have erroneously tricked themselves into believing that in order to avoid the discomfort of squished toes and perennial blisters, they needed to undergo a possibly more painful surgical procedure to reduce the size of their toes.

Thigh Gap Laser Therapy

We Heart It

The belief that women need a six-inch gap between their thighs is definitely the biggest joke someone is playing on the female species, right now.

But for those who still haven’t caught on that the thigh gap is not a thing, one "wellness" center in Texas is conning its patients into lying underneath a laser, which allegedly zaps their thighs into skinny stick-like perfection.

It works. We believe you.

Bra Plate for the Busty

Harriet Stigner

The biggest annoyances of bras is that they cost upwards of $40 at Victoria’s Secret, and always want to lose shape in the wash. But beyond that, ladies, I’m going to say it — wearing a bra isn’t so bad.

But for those who simply can’t be bothered with the back clasp each morning, they’re seeking a more…permanent solution that will still allow for a little lift.

Enter the bra implant, silk straps that are surgically attached to under-breast, and then held tightly in place by titanium screws that are solidly forced onto the rib cage.

Does this sound like a better alternative to the annoyingly-padded push-up? Does it really?

Botox-Injected Fingers

Many women might strive for the skinny-arm pose, but if your hand is hamming it up for the camera with a big engagement ring rock on it, you might be in need of some plump fingers for showing off those karats.

Reports that women are having Botox injected into their hands to give their fingers a fuller appearance isn’t just proof that our obsession with Instagramming happy news as opposed to actually celebrating it has reached epic proportions for Gen-Y?! fail.

Buy a Pair of Baby Blues

We Heart It

For those who simply aren’t satisfied with what the Punnett Square gave 'em can buy a new pair of irises for their eyes.

The $5,000 procedure, which shoots laser beams into your eyes (no joke — isn’t science fun?), claims to convert your dirty brown-colored eyes into a more covetable color, like blue or green.

Iris implants also exist, if the laser route makes you squeamish. But shocker — some doctors are saying these procedures are dangerous and not worth the risk. We have a sad feeling that people will still pursue them anyway.

And if the "perfect body" ends up looking like this? We'll take imperfections any day.