There Is Now A Clinic Offering Laser Therapy For Women Who Want The Infamous 'Thigh Gap'


In a desperate, last-ditch effort to get the infamous "thigh gap," some women are turning to clinics that questionably promise to slim down their upper thighs using laser technology.

Many recent medical advancements are pretty amazing, but I'm pretty sure they could be directed somewhere more important (like curing cancer) than at vanity and insecurities.

But still, women in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who complain that their thighs touch are now looking to DFW wellness center Thrive to make themselves more "bikini ready."

Thrive offers the cold laser treatment known as Zerona, which is said to contour the body and zap fat in a noninvasive way. And they seem to have their clientele fooled that these are the issues on which women should be focusing.

One individual who tried to widen her thigh gap, Tara, said she tried the pain-free procedure after not seeing any success with her own workout plan.

I work out up to five times a week. I eat healthy. It’s just a really hard area to target. So, I don’t want any major surgery, liposuction, or something crazy like that.

Hate to break it to Tara, but getting lasers to kill the fat cells in your thighs in an attempt to whittle down the area still sounds a little absurd.

via CBS DFW, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It