The Thigh Gap Controversy: Allegedly Photoshopped Beyoncé Instagram Flick Stirs The Pot (Photo)

Society's preoccupation with Photoshop and stars appearing to be skinny on social media is clearly out of control — and now Beyoncé has found herself in the middle of an Instagram mini-controversy.

When the songstress posted a photo of herself playing golf in a bikini on the app yesterday, a few haters took to the comments section to accuse the singer of photoshopping her legs to give the appearance of a "thigh gap."

Nasty comments include:

@annaelektrakoukis: where are beyonces legs?

@arianahsley: even bey photoshops her legs!

@myfairmimsey: Seriously? As someone who sings about empowering girls and women, its a shame that you post pictures of yourself that are clearly photoshopped.

Others came to Yonce's defense, insisting it was the way she was standing as she prepared to hit the ball.

@shayxshe: It's the way she is standing. It's not photoshopped.

But really, do we care?

Beyoncé has obviously stayed out of the fray on this one, but let me be the first to come to her defense: Beyonce is in shape (blame it on all that dancing) and the photo is so tiny, it's impossible to really make out whether or not the image was doctored.

The bigger issue here is our willingness to attack people when we perceive them as "too skinny" or as going to lengths to appear more slender.

Kim Kardashian was similarly caught up in a Photoshopping scandal when it appeared that she had doctored an image she had posted to make her already-banging body appear a little more svelte.

And although Kim K's publicist denied any doctoring, nobody really cared — instead, people continued to bash her for being vain or sending a bad body image.

But the truth is, we're all victims of wanting to look a little better for the camera... that's why so many Facebook profile pics feature "skinny arm" poses and we have apps that promise to take 10 extra pounds off our selfies.

We're not promoting any more enlightened "love yourself as is" sentiments if we continue to degrade people when and if they allow their insecurities to take over.

The speculation only highlights our obsession with critiquing the female form, instead of focusing on the actually important stuff.

via Racked National, Photo Courtesy: Instagram