67 Things That Are Absolutely Better Than Having A Boyfriend

by Ashley Fern

When the weather gets cold, most girls want one thing: a boyfriend.

But for all those girls who do really want boyfriends there's a hefty sum who just want something completely different — to be left alone in all their single glory.

But wait, what's better than the comfort of another person? The comfort of a large Domino's thin crust cheese pizza while watching Detective Elliot Stabler on "Law And Order: SVU" reruns on Netflix.

1. Carbs.

2. Not worrying what you look like naked.

3. Not crying.

4. Your paycheck.

5. The entire bed to yourself.

6. Not spending $60 for a wax.

7. Pizza.

8. Garlic bread.

9. Not having to shower regularly.

10. Never having to wash your sheets.

11. Or your hair.

12. Not having to wear makeup.

13. Having Netflix marathons with no one to judge you.

14. An immensely close relationship with the delivery man.

15. Being able to order whatever you want at a restaurant without worrying about what the guy thinks of your 12 oz filet with a side of parmesan fries.

16. Crumbs all over your body and your bed, and no one to clean them up for.

17. The entire stash of weed.

18. Not having to share any of your food.

19. Finding yourself in another food coma and not having to worry about looking or feeling sexy.

20. Skipping the gym on a rainy or snowy day.

21. Seamless.

22. Not caring about morning breath.

23. Not doing laundry until the only thing left to wear is your college Halloween costume -- and wearing it without shame.

24. Spilling food on your bed and not having to clean it up.

25. Lying in bed all day Sunday with your best friend.

26. Using Tinder for a confidence boost.

27. Online shopping.

28. ...And finding a secret coupon code — EXHILARATING.

29. Not going out.

30. The feeling you get after you just got your eyebrows done.

31. A massage for one.

32. Free WiFi.

33. A free iPhone 6 upgrade.

34. Panera Bread all damn week.

35. A pool of guacamole with floats made of tortilla chips.

36. Eating Nutella in bed wearing your sweatpants.

37. Not being worried when you skip your period.

38. Your fat pants.

39. Not going outside for the entirety of Sunday.

40. Hibernating from social outings.

41. A Christmas bonus at work.

42. Free samples at Costco and Whole Foods.

43. Over 100 likes on an Instagram picture.

44. When someone asks if you lost weight.

45. Skinny mirrors.

46. Unlimited bread baskets and pasta bowls.

47. When your delivery comes within 15 minutes.

48. FREE things.

49. The feeling of having money left over at the end of the month.

50. Not hearing from your ex-boyfriend.

51. Not having to deal with someone else's family.

52. Not being on an emotional roller coaster on a daily basis.

53. Wearing a sports bra instead of a real bra because no one is going to see it anyway.

54. Drinking an entire bottle of wine to yourself.

55. Not worrying if you forgot to wear deodorant.

56. A lack of hair maintenance.

57. F it — no body maintenance at all.

58. Grilled cheese.

59. An impromptu trip across the country.

60. Sleeping in by yourself on Sunday.

61. Putting your sweatpants in the dryer just so you can put them back on.

62. "Harry Potter" marathons.

63. When your dealer gives you a gram for free.

64. Wearing a face mask with no one to see you.

65. Perfect eyeliner wings.

66. A new hairstyle.