Lea Michele's Viral Snap Story Reminds Us It's Important To See Celeb Flaws

Being a hairy girl isn't an easy life. You're constantly tweezing strays or asking friends to make sure your budding 'stache isn't casting a dark shadow over your upper lip. Remaining sleek and smooth-skinned requires eye-roll-worthy amounts of bodily maintenance.

On an average Friday, I like to listen to the entirety of Beyoncé's Lemonade while shaving my body. At the end, I emerge like a wet seal, smooth and fighting a craving for salmon. And, though I don't mind the maintenance, it's annoying to feel like I'm the only one who goes to such lengths to be hairless and socially acceptable. Especially when I open Instagram and see a virtual parade of flawless socialites.

Mainstream culture increasingly discusses body image and the way society's beauty standards affect us. It isn't good to see unrealistically perfect women everywhere — which brings me to former "Glee" star Lea Michele, who's gotten very real on Snapchat. Revealing her flaws makes her the exact opposite of the Kardashians, who haven't taken off their makeup since '05.

Yesterday, we told you the scream queen had posted a Snapchat story documenting her grooming routine. It included an eyebrow and facial wax in the comfort of her own home. Did you read that carefully? Girl ripped her mustache out on camera, all for our viewing pleasure.

She laughed,

This is the real beauty, you guys. This is what happens when you're half-Jewish, half-Italian.

Oh, girl. I know that one, speaking as a born-and-bred Italian. (Or is that born and bread, when it comes to the land of spaghetti?)

Her post is the perfect example of why it's always a relief to know celebrities only seem perfect outwardly. Really, they spend the same amount of time (if not more) on personal maintenance I do. We're so incessantly bombarded by images of them on fabulous vacations and in massage parlors, remembering there's a human being with follicles underneath all that fake tan becomes tough.

Really, celebrities are just like us... except when they don't change out of pajamas to have their facial hair removed and there are no terrifying fluorescent lights or burly salon workers.

I always appreciate a very real social media moment. We're already openly discussing menstrual cups, nipple hair and dandruff. It's time to get real about the lady mustache, a plague on all of us hairy girls. And, more importantly, it's time to acknowledge that we're not perfect, hairless alien people. Flaws make a lady.

Here's to you, my mustachioed friends. You've got one celebrity on your side.