18 Gross Signs You've Reached Peak Comfort Levels With Your BFF

by Ashley Fern

Girls -- by themselves -- are weird... but girls when they hang out with their best friends? Even weirder.

The sh*t they do together is unimaginable. Why? Because there is no such thing as personal space when it comes to your female best friend.

Sure, you may be thinking that this is not always the case, but after the pimple popping parade I went on across my friend's face the other day, you couldn't be more wrong.

Is it gross by normal standards? Probably... but, luckily for you, you and your best friend typically ignore those.

1. Blow dry your bodies

There is nothing like the five minutes after you emerge from the shower where you are standing cold and vulnerable in your bedroom.

The quickest way to remedy this is for you or your best friend to start blow drying each other's bodies. Yes this happens -- and if you've never tried it... you're welcome.

2. Pick out each other's ingrown hairs

Sometimes you can't just reach wherever these hairs are, which is the exact moment when your best friend comes in handy.

There is no such thing as personal space when it comes to the relationship you have with each other. Some people may think this is gross -- others consider it just another part of their day.

3. Enter every single bathroom stall together

If you ever really wanted to know what goes on inside the women's restroom, check out the video. You won't regret it.

4. Prevent each other from getting TSS

If ya'll don't know what TSS is, then this post is most definitely not for you. This one is for my fellow ladies out there who know that when that full panic sets in, it's time to call in for help.

5. Pop each other's pimples... obviously

Sometimes you can't really exert the force you need to in order to eliminate these suckers, which is why you call in for reinforcements... aka your best friend.

She understands the pain you're going through, but also understands you don't want to be walking around with the skin of a prepubescent teenager.

6. Smell test each other's clothing garments

What doesn't smell to you may, in fact, smell horrible to someone else. And you really aren't that comfortable asking anyone else besides her to smell check your clothes.

Next stop? Hitting CVS for that clothing Febreze product. Whoever invented that is a pure genius.

7. ...And smell test everything else, too

Your best friend knew what she was signing up for when you two first met. Personal smell tests are just another errand on your list of to-dos, especially when you are trying to put off the dreaded hair-washing.

8. Hold back each other's hair when one of you is throwing up

The sad thing about holding each other's hair back is that it has happened time and time again.

Sometimes you take turns, sometimes it's just one of you, but sadly neither of you has ever seemed to have learned your lesson.

9. And if it gets really bad, you pull the trigger for her

Sometimes when that wave of nausea doesn't happen to subside, you need to call upon your best friend immediately.

She doesn't care if she has to stick her fingers down your throat, she just cares that you start to feel better so you both can go on with your days.

10. Basically no form of nudity fazes you whatsoever

And, honestly, the more nudity, the better. Yup, you're that comfortable and weird together.

11. You Snapchat from the bathroom

It might be a mirror shot, it might not be...

12. Wash her pee-stained sheets for her when she's too hungover to do it herself

Hopefully, this stopped happening after you graduated from college, but you know from time to time one of you can't help but to have a little accident...

13. Make her feel better when she tells you she got her period while having sex with that new guy

It may be one huge lie after the other, but it's really the effort that counts here. Hopefully, he doesn't remember or you destroyed the evidence.

14. Compare periods... amongst other things

If you can't complain and one-up each other in this manner, how else are you going to pass the dreaded three to five days?

15. Encourage each other to go longer without washing your hair

If you can't actually see the grease, is it actually greasy? Can you get away with just a ponytail? Isn't this why hats were invented?

16. Or shower in general

"OMG you showered like two days and haven't even done anything that made you sweat. You're fine, trust me."

 17. Switch underwear when its necessary

If your friend went out wearing her granny panties and plans on sleeping far from home, you know the only option is just to fork yours over to her.

18. Pet each other's leg hair

What else are you two going to do as you lie in bed together, binge-watching television, while placing order after order on Seamless?