19 Unconditional Things You And Your Best Friend Will Always Agree On

by Ashley Fern

Your best friend is a person you never tire of, a person you could never replace. While you both may have boyfriends in your lives from time to time, she is your real soulmate, the person you trust with absolutely anything and everything.

This is how and exactly why you have developed some sort of twisted logic that only the two of you understand and appreciate.

It doesn't matter if anyone would disagree with the two of you, you understand each other and that's all that matters.

So what are some of these things that you and your best friend undoubtedly agree upon?

1. How big of a bitch "drunk you" is

You two rarely ever fight except when you are disagreeing on the location of the closest pizza place.

Some people may wonder if that's something to get worked up over, you both know much better than that — it's the only thing worth fighting over.

2. How much each of your exes suck

...Even if you still occasionally hit them up.

3. The best cure for any hangover: a ton of food and even more weed

You pick an apartment and one of you brings the food while the other supplies the weed. You both know the only way you're getting through another hangover is with each other by your side.

4. That if you can't remember it, it never happened

This goes for guys and food... but more importantly food.

 5. If you erase a drunken conversation, it also never happened

The best gift you can give your hungover self is erasing any and all incriminating conversations from the night before. No one likes waking up to a list of unanswered messages that barely resemble English.

6. That going to bed will solve at least 99 percent of your problems

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

7. That you're definitely lying every time you say "I'm never drinking again"

As if either of you actually thought you were going to go through with this. Yeah right... you've both been saying this for years now.

8. How sweatpants are all that fit you right now

All girls have those days when the only thing they feel comfortable in are sweatpants. Your best friend isn't the person who tells you that you look great when you don't, rather she has on her matching pants so that you can both complain together.

9. That it's actually possible to literally die of a hangover

How many times must you hang your head over the toilet for your hangover to be considered a form of death? Once? Twice? The limit does not exist... at least for the both of you.

10. That it's perfectly normal to track each other's iPhones when going on a blind date

This is the closest way to actually bring your best friend on a date with you. Blind dates can be scary, so this is just a precaution any sane person should and would take.

11. That if you aren't married by age 35 (or younger), you will just marry each other

This actually sounds a lot better than a traditional marriage except...

12. ...If by some miracle you actually find someone to marry, she'll be standing next to you at the altar

How are you supposed to commit to someone else for the rest of your life without your BFF by your side?

13. That it's perfectly acceptable to overanalyze a text message for a solid 30 minutes

...And then never respond because everyone knows the best response is no response.

14. That "ugh" is an acceptable response to anything

It may only be comprised of three letters, but it tells you everything you need to know about any given situation.

15. That if an ugly guy is hitting on one of you, it's the other's responsibility to convince him that you two are actually dating

This is an unspoken rule that has been around for years and, yet, somehow men still don't really pick up on this. In fact, sometimes they get a little too into it.

16. There's actually a thing as being too tan and too thin

It may have taken you both years and years to realize, but finally you have and thank God for that.

17. That you must hate someone she hates based on the sheer fact that she hates her, even though you never have, nor will ever meet, said person

Stalking her Instagram was sufficient enough for you to jump on your best friend's bandwagon.

18. You can't stay mad at each other for more than one day

And then you laugh about it for days, months and years to come.

19. That no matter what you're doing, it's better when the two of you are together

Which is why all you do when you're apart is count down the minutes until you get to see each other again.