17 Honest Questions Every Girl Wants To Ask Her Ex After A Breakup

by Niki McGloster

I'll admit it. I'm an emotional cutter.

I crave closure, which sometimes means learning the harsh realities of my latest awful breakup.

Nothing sucks more than being told you emasculated your partner. That is, when you weren't busy nagging him.

Doesn't every girl wonder what her ex really thinks, somewhere in the back of her head? We deal with nagging worries that he wasn't ever happy, or never wanted to share his last name.

I must warn you, though, combing through the knots of a past relationship digs up a real heap of emotions.

A chat with your old flame will either torch your good mood or leave you wanting to rekindle those old sparks. Neither one is a good option, usually.

But, after an intimate Q&A, you'll be ready to close that chapter of your love life for good.

Honesty is rarely a bad thing, so rip off the breakup Band-Aid.

1. Why did we break up?

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Brace yourself for the answer, if he's brave enough to give one.

2. Was I good enough in bed?

Even if he's still mad about never trying anal, you can always be confident in your blowjobs.

3. Did you love me, or did you just say it to appease me?

He may have dropped the L-bomb first, but you want to know if he meant it.

4. Did you hang with my friends because I asked you to, or because you liked them?

It seemed like he was faking it, sometimes.

5. Do you still think about me, especially when you're lonely?

He must, if he's tweeting about how much he's over you.

6. Did you ever think you'd marry me?

You may not have been the only one who envisioned the big day.

7. Did you cheat on me, either emotionally or physically?

This is a toughie, because you're not sure you want to hear the answer.

8. Did you ever think about someone else in order to get off?

Celebrities don't count.

9. Do you ever jerk off to me now?

The answer has to be "yes," but he'll certainly lie about it.

10. Do you think about me when you’re drunk?

He's only drunk texted once since the breakup, but you need answers.

11. Do you still visit the places we used to love going?

And who does he take there?

12. Does your mom ask about me?

His dog definitely misses you, too.

13. What have you told your new girlfriend about me?

In consideration of his new girl's feelings, did he turn you into a villain?

14. How long do you stare at my photos on social media?

From those accidental likes, you already know he stalks your Instagram.

15. Did you throw away all the mementos of our time together?

If he saved even one thing, you might have a chance. That is, if you even want him back.

16. Do you think about me when you’re f*cking her?

He'd hope you're kidding, but you want answers.

17. Is she the one, if I wasn't?

This one will haunt you forever, even if you never ask him.

But if you do have the courage to inquire, be careful. You might not really want to know.