The Beyoncé Address: 5 Things Queen Bey Should Finally Get Vocal About

We are not worthy of Beyoncé.

Her musical soundscape has rescued plenty of us from drowning in our post-heartbreak sorrows, or assisted in our emotional suicides (I still cry when I hear “Resentment”).

She's more than proven she's the holy grail of tunes and we're completely obsessed. Everything we’ve felt, experienced or will soon understand? Bey has a song for that. But, it seems, that's all she's willing to give.

For over a year now, Jay Z's better half has denied being quoted in interviews, answering direct questions only "in writing or, for TV, taped." She didn't even give Vogue an iota of her time for their coveted September issue, outside of some artistically grainy home-style videos and gifs. Instead, the fashion bible turned to talking heads to speak on Beyoncé.

At this point, we’re so starved for Bey's commentary we claw mercilessly over every picture-perfect IG post and paparazzi flick in an attempt to read between the lines.

Constantly defending yourself is exhausting, especially for a megastar whose every move is harshly critiqued. The last few major times she's been decidedly audible, she was either defending herself against lip-synching rumors or the fact that she actually did carry Blue Ivy for nine months.

With reason, her PR strategy has gotten tighter. After all, there's a thin line between what privacy celebrities are owed and what they can afford to share.

So even though B's controlling every ounce of how she's publicly consumed, as fans, we still ask for more to be sure she's human (and to be nosy). I mean, what can we say; we're insatiable.

Here are five things B should speak up about, so we know she's real.

Beyoncé on #BlackLivesMatter

It's safe to assume Beyoncé has relatively similar feelings as other blacks in America surrounding the countless unarmed black people murdered by police. Bey and her hubby reportedly used their combined wealth to post bail for jailed protestors in both Ferguson and Baltimore.

As a society, however, we beg celebrities with astronomical influence to physically speak out about social ills. Sure, it's great to attend protest rallies and sport t-shirts in support of a movement, but people want to hear that things will be alright.

Are you angry about America's racial climate? Frustrated? Exhausted? Inquiring minds would love to know. Because we are too.

Beyoncé on Solange fighting Jay Z

First rule of family: "Don't talk about our business when in mixed company." But when TMZ leaked clips of Beyoncé's baby sister practicing her Mortal Kombat moves on Jay Z, we demanded answers for why the seams to the Knowles-Carter's cool, collected image were splitting. So here's our written plea:

Dear B, That line in "Flawless Remix" was a smooth nod to #elevatorgate. Thank you for that! We'd love more insight on why things at The Met went from 0-100, though. Sincerely, everyone.

Beyoncé on how she really feels about Kim Kardashian

As fans, we've created a catty narrative for Jay and Kanye's ladies: They basically hate each other.

During their hubbys' "Watch The Throne" tour, B and Kim Kardashian seemed on their way to a great (powerful!) friendship.

But once Kim jokingly mocked Solange's wedding photo and Bey skipped out on Kim's matrimonial affair, we've inferred that Mrs. Carter's not too fond of Mrs. West.

Seriously, though, we're just making this all up as we go along. So B, please set the record straight: Do you two swap screenshots of Drake's Internet memes or is your coolness only on camera?

Beyoncé on Hillary Clinton

B's no stranger to politics, so it wasn't shocking to learn the #Beyhive's feminist leader fully endorses the nation's leading female candidate. But once she attended a fundraiser dinner for Hillary Clinton earlier this year, her name has been eagerly added to a list of pop culture supporters teaming with HRC.

But what's Beyoncé's true take on the issues? We deserve a public endorsement statement.

Beyoncé on her half-siblings

Once Beyoncé parted ways with her dadager, Matthew Knowles, nothing was the same.

Truths of his infidelity steadily unfolded along with a few illegitimate kids from his extramarital romances. But while swallowing such embarrassing information in public is tough, B hasn't even acknowledged her half-siblings, though she's indirectly addressed her daddy's cheating ways.

Anyone would be weirded out facing new family members. We just want to know whether or not Beyoncé is secretly playing big sis to her newest arrivals.

Overall, fans are anticipating Beyoncé to be less controlled and more outspoken. After such an authentic LP, we now expect the kind of accessibility Swifties and Barbz are afforded on a daily basis.

It's unlikely, but that's why she's exactly who she is, I suppose.