How To Use The New Moon Tonight To Manifest A Positive Change In Your Life

by Rosey Baker

In case you haven't noticed, the universe has been a real bitch this month.

With four planets in retrograde, we've all been feeling pretty weighed down or at least a little overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life lately. If you're not feeling it, I don't know, maybe check your pulse?

But tonight's new moon will set that right, launching us into the weekend period where the moon will be waxing crescent, giving us a planetary shot of mood-boosting wheatgrass for the soul.

What's a waxing crescent moon?

If you don't know what a waxing crescent moon is, it's the stage the moon moves into directly after a new moon. When a moon is new, you can't see it in the sky, but once it starts waxing crescent, it starts to grow in fullness.

At first, all you'll see is a thumbnail-shaped sliver, but as it grows toward fullness (i.e. the next full moon) you'll have two weeks where you'll start to notice a boost in your energy.

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The moon's manifestation periods are on a six-month calendar, so the new moon tonight is the perfect time to set your intentions about what you want to happen in the next six months. Then when the moon moves into its waxing phase this weekend, you'll have the energy boost you need to start actively planting seeds.

Even if you're a huge skeptic about these things, just pay attention to the differences you feel over the next six days. You may have been spending the last few nights in, or just been feeling like curling up on the couch recently, but that's all about to change.

So when you go home tonight, sit down with a piece of paper and get creative. Where do you want to be in six months? What can you do right now to start the wheels moving in that direction? Write it all down, like a manifesting to-do list.

Then use the planetary gift of this waxing crescent moon to launch yourself into action.

You got this!