How Each Phase Of The Moon Affects Every Aspect Of Your Life

by Rosey Baker

If you think the moon doesn't affect you, you're a dummy.

The moon can change the tides, and yet you have the PURE audacity to believe you are untouchable? Compared to the ocean?

Take a nap.


However, those of you who know the limits of your own power have probably researched the lunar cycle in order to harness the energy of the moon.

Though you may already know about the life-changing power of a new or a full moon, the truth is, when the moon is between those two points (either in its waxing or waning phases), it can also affect you in a powerful way.

Here are the ways in which every phase of the moon affects each area of your life:

When the moon is new, we set our intention.

New moons are exactly what they sound like: They mark the beginning of a new cycle and are the perfect time to kick off any new project or idea.

New moons are a good time to draw up a plan or to lay the foundation for what you want to manifest in the coming six months.

New moon rituals are a good idea to set intentions or initiate relationships and really tend to them for a half year.

If you want a fresh start, choose what you want to let go of and what you'd like to manifest, and the new moon will favor your efforts.

When the moon is waxing, we spring into action.

When the moon is waxing (which happens about a week after the new moon), you'll get the lunar boost of energy you need to spring into action.

According to astrologists the Astrotwins, "Since this moon is waxing (growing fuller), it brings a reminder to pick up the pace and make sure that our actions match our words."

If you've made a promise to yourself during the new moon to start a new fitness routine, to prepare yourself to get a new job or to finally slide into somebody's DMs, the waxing moon will endow you with the next-level confidence and energy you need to carry out your goals.

However, this isn't a time for impulsivity.

The best actions are well-thought-out, measured and logical.

When the moon is full, results manifest.

The full moon is when the intentions you set during the new moon (six months prior) start to manifest.

This is part of why full moons are such an emotional time.

If you aren't seeing the results of all your efforts, you're most likely thinking about why you aren't where you want to be.

Either way, it's a good idea to really look at the last six months and see how far you've come so you can celebrate your progress.

The two weeks AFTER the full moon (leading up to the next new moon) are the weeks when you'll see the real results of your efforts.

When the moon is waning, we take out the trash.

So like I said, the two weeks after the full moon is when we reap the rewards and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Or, if not, we make the changes necessary to clear the way for more abundance.

During the new moon, we either sit back and relax, or we cast off dead weight.

Things, people and places we thought we loved and needed in our lives may turn out not to be the best for us.

Overall, it's better to take these changes in stride and think of them as the best way to get to where we truly want to go.