ClassPass Is Raising Its Prices, But We've Got You Covered

This morning, while settling in with a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal, a jarring email made its way to my inbox. ClassPass, my go-to for affordable New York City work-out classes, is raising its prices.

I know what you're thinking: Again?! Didn't ClassPass already raise them?

Yes. Yes, it did. And less than a year later, an affordable $125 per month for unlimited classes is now an I-may-as-well-get-an-Equinox-membership $190 per month.

Before you decide it's time to live off bowls of Cheerios so you can afford to exercise, ClassPass does have some cheaper options.

There are now three tiers of ClassPass membership. Tier one is the Base Plan, which gives you five classes per month and costs $75. Tier two is the Core Plan, which gives you 10 classes per month for $125, and the third tier is the Unlimited Plan, which is mentioned above and too expensive for me to repeat.

If you are currently a ClassPass member and not happy about any of these options -- how could ClassPass do this right on the cusp of bikini season?! --  I have some other ideas for you if you're looking to get in shape.

If you want to tone your abs...

We have a foolproof plan that will make that happen in just four weeks. Karen Nuccio, a New York City-based trainer (whom I actually met through ClassPass) has a quick, efficient plan.

Check it out here.

If you want to get ripped arms...

Jason Tran, a spin instructor in New York City with superhuman arms and a knack for putting together the perfect work-out playlist, shared his ways with us and mapped out a plan for getting toned arms.

Check it out here, and be prepared to have top-notch tank top arms.

If you're looking to sculpt your booty...

Our friends over at Crunch Gym are experts in that department. In just 28 days and with zero equipment, you too can have a booty like Beyoncé (or something like that).

Get started on our one-month, booty-sculpting challenge right now. Check it out here!

If you want to tone your entire body...

You should hold a plank for two minutes every day.

Say what?! Two minutes to tone your entire body? Yes.

Planking is really hard, of course, so check out this video to make sure you're doing it right.

Passion4Profession on YouTube

Best of luck to you as you cope with this news.