ClassPass Raised Its Prices And Everyone Freaked The F*ck Out

Yesterday, something tragic happened. It was inevitable really. Deep down, we all knew this day would eventually come.

We knew the way it was wasn't sustainable. It was just biding its sweet, sweet time.

It worked like a spider. Slowly, ClassPass built its sticky web with exclusive spin classes, airy barre studios and unbelievable prices.

We started to actually enjoy working out. Our butts had never been more toned, and faint abs began to show for the first time in, well, ever. We talked to our moms about how much we loved pilates. Our friends saved us $50 when we got them to sign up with our unique codes. And we would force ourselves out of bed at 8:30 on a Saturday morning just so we weren't fined $20 for missing a class.

We had alarms set for 11:55 every day in order to score a spot in hot yoga or boxing a full seven days in advance.

Fitness became part of our daily lives without our wallets suffering. We were sucked in.

And then we all got the email.

Subject line: ClassPass New York Price Change.

Our $99 monthly bill for unlimited boutique fitness classes in New York would increase to $125 plus tax. That's about $26 more dollars a month. That's brunch with unlimited drinks. That's at least two shirts from Forever21. That's over $300 dollars a year.

Immediately, a million questions starting running through our minds, and we took Twitter to voice very strong opinions to the ClassPass Twitter account:

We can barely afford rent, can we even pay 26 extra bucks a month?

Do we just give up ClassPass and actually pay FULL PRICE for Flywheel?

Maybe we'll just accept the run we've had and think back fondly of the days of $99 memberships?

Do we even have time to make it to all of our favorite classes before we leave them behind for, God forbid, the overcrowded GYM??

But what about those of us who've been there from the very beginning?

Are we even getting something more out of this?

Then we thought some more... Is this actually a good thing?

Either way, we're addicted. Just take our money.

July 14 will be forever date which will live in infamy -- at least until the membership price goes up again.