15 Ways You Love ClassPass, But Actually Hate It At The Same Time

by Ashley Fern

Have you heard of ClassPass? Have you been living under a rock? Well, for those of you unfamiliar (not sure where you have been, but prepare for your minds to be blown) ClassPass is basically a gift from the fitness gods.

It's catered to anyone who loves fitness, wants to create a routine and enjoys trying different classes without the commitment of joining a studio.

If you never thought fitness could be fun, then ClassPass could be the answer for you. By allowing you to try different studios, classes and techniques, it really shows you what you like and don't like.

The classes range from strength trainingcycling, barre, yoga and Pilates — and really give you the best options of every type of training.

Classes are the easiest way to get in a groove, stay motivated and feel accomplished because at any point you doubt yourself, the vibe and energy in the room will get you back on track.

But as with anything that is amazing beyond belief, it has its downfalls. Luckily for this company, their benefits definitely outweigh the consequences, but as we all know, we love relating to the struggle.

So what's the struggle of ClassPass look like in the world of a fitness fanatic?

1. Love that you can create a schedule, but hate the anxiety you feel until the clock strikes 12.

There is nothing more nerve-racking than waiting for the clock to strike down to book a class. There are limited seats available, and you know you have to snag yours.

2. Love the variety of studios offered, but hate that you are automatically subscribed to studios' mailing lists.

We hate the influx of emails — that is, until we get an alert of an amazing sale at our favorite studio, then we're all for email subscriptions.

3. Love that they have a flex city option, but hate not having an excuse not to work out on vacation.

Isn't the best part of traveling to a new city that you are exempt from working out? But nope, ClassPass knows about this rationalization all too well and has quickly solved that problem.

4. Love that you can get first dibs if you're ready at noon, but hate when everyone else has figured out the same thing.

The minute you sit down at the office, all you can think about is next week's game plan, so you can be ready at noon to book that class.

Too bad everyone else is doing the exact same thing. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

5. Love how easy the app is to use, but hate how you have no excuse not to sign up if you're on the move.

There is absolutely no excuse for not booking a class when the method to do so is literally at the tips of your fingers.

It doesn't matter if you're on the go; your phone is never far from sight.

7.  Love that you can follow your friends and have work-out partners, but hate when you can see their schedules are more rigorous than yours.

You thought you booked the most intense gym regimen known to man — that is, until you checked out your roommate's. Sh*t...

8. Love that you can book multiple classes per day, but hate how lazy you feel when you don't book any.

The options are endless; too bad you didn't take advantage of any of them, and now you feel like a complete waste. Good thing there are always open spots the day of.

9. Love that you can find a new favorite studio, but hate that you can't go more than three times in one cycle.

The worst part probably is when you fall head over heels with a class and have to wait until your next cycle to go back. I guess you can always buy a membership there too...

10. Love the feeling you get when you think you reserved a class, but hate when you realize you spoke too soon.

The awkward moment when you're doing the happy dance in your work cubicle, only to realize you never booked the class, and now it's full.

11. Love the opportunities to meet new people, but hate the lack of guys in class.

Where are all the men? How are we supposed to go on dates? Does this mean we actually have to go out and try? Ugh...

12. Love the blog updates to stay motivated, but hate that you can't motivate yourself without them.

The daily emails from ClassPass are exactly what you need to get through your day.

They keep you focused and motivated in between classes; now if only we could do that for ourselves.

13. Love that there are hundreds of places to choose from, but hate that you can never decide.

How do we get one of those devices from Harry Potter that allowed Hermione to go back in time to take more classes?

14. Love that most of your friends have ClassPass, but hate when you have different favorite classes.

It's always a fun conversation when you and your friend argue about whose favorite class is better.

It doesn't matter how many times or versions of this argument you have; you both always end up picking your favorite classes every damn time.

15. Love that you can you can work out while traveling for work, but hate when you forget to pack dress shoes.

Does anything scream priorities more than this situation? I think not...

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