Perfectly Sculpt Your Butt With This 28-Day Booty Challenge (Photos)

With Thanksgiving behind us and December officially here, most of us have traded our healthy eating habits and daily trips to the gym for boozy holiday bashes and sleeping in.

While we fully believe you when you say you'll pick your healthy habits back up come January and really will keep your resolutions this year, we want you to have a little less work to do come January 1.

Plus, who doesn't want to look amazing on New Year's Eve?

We consulted Allison Berry, Personal Trainer at Crunch gym, and she helped us come up with a plan to give your butt the end-of-year lift it needs.

Without further ado, we present you with a 28-day booty-sculpting challenge. Happy squatting!

Here's the plan:

Robert Rodriguez

And here's how to do the moves correctly:

Basic Squat

Celine Rahman

Walking Lunges

Celine Rahman

Glute Bridges

Celine Rahman

Step Ups

Celine Rahman

Curtsy Lunge

Celine Rahman

We believe in you!