13 Ways To Use Extra Milk When You Accidentally Bought Way Too Much

Now none of it will go to waste!

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Milk can be a fickle b*tch sometimes. You want to buy enough so you're never in a bind when the late-night cereal munchies hit, but you also don't want to have so much it spoils in your fridge.

Many people know the milk shopping struggle all too well — especially when you end up buying more than you can actually finish in a week. Lucky for you, I came up with 13 ways to use extra milk so that none of it goes to waste. This way, you can enjoy your Fruity Pebbles in peace and make sure any leftover milk is put to good use before its expiration date. That’s a solid win-win right there.

From treating yourself to a homemade milk facial, to making cheese, to adding the extra milk to a banana bread, there are solutions, people. All you have to do is put your creativity cap on and show off your skills in the kitchen.

The next time you find yourself knee-deep in milk, don't panic. That’s where I swoop in to save the day with these hacks. Simply refer to this list and use up that milk like it's nobody's business.

1. When in doubt, make cheese.

Surprisingly, this idea is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Check out this recipe for homemade mozzarella cheese to see how you can whip up something delicious. Don’t forget the sliced tomato, basil, and olive oil drizzle when it comes time to eat.

2. Make even more cheese.

If you’re not a major fan of mozzarella, this homemade ricotta recipe is a great alternative. Add the ricotta to your pasta dinner or eat it as is for a yummy treat.

3. Add some to a banana cake.

If you happen to have too much milk and overripe bananas lying around, this recipe for gooey banana cake is a perfect and delicious solution. Snack time just got a major upgrade.

4. Make yogurt.


Homemade yogurt tastes so much better than anything you could buy at the store. However, according to this recipe via The Kitchn, you do need a little yogurt to get the process started (in addition to your milk). Once you make some of your own, you’ll be hooked.

5. Give yourself a milk facial.

According to natural-beauty expert Paige Padgett in an article via Women's Health, milk has amazing benefits for your skin. Use extra milk to cleanse, tone, and soften that beautiful face of yours.

6. Use it to cook chicken.

This article on The Kitchn dubbed Jamie Oliver's recipe for milk-braised chicken "probably the best chicken recipe of all time." With that endorsement, why not try it out for yourself?

7. Whip up some pancakes.

Milk and pancakes go hand-in-hand for so many reasons. You can use milk in pancakes, you can drink milk with your pancakes, and you can even use your homemade ricotta in homemade ricotta pancakes.

8. Make macaroni and cheese.

Macaroni and cheese is the greatest of all time, so why not make it even better with extra creaminess? Check out this stovetop mac and cheese that’s boiled in milk for a special treat.

9. Save money and make your latte at home.


Don't waste $5 on a latte when you have spare milk lying around. Make your own at home. Head to Pinterest for homemade latte inspiration. There are a ton of different recipes to choose from. (As a side note, this is a great opportunity to practice your latte art.)

10. Make chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk is a classic favorite for a reason. It's sweet, nostalgic, and the perfect treat for movie night. Check out this “chocolate milk for one” recipe by Baking Mischief so you don’t have to share.

11. Shake up your weekend plans with a milkshake (or a few).

Here are 50 milkshake recipes to get you started. Try one, try a few, or invite your friends over to try them all.

12. Freeze it.

If you're not inspired to do any of the above things, just freeze your extra milk. It'll be there when you need it.

13. Even if your milk has gone sour, you can still use it for gardening.

What did I say about not panicking? Even if your milk has gone a little sour, there are still ways you can use it. According to TreeHugger, you can use sour milk for gardening, crafts, and beyond. But if that sour milk is ultra-pasteurized, just forget about it and dump it down the drain.

However you decide to use your extra milk, have fun with it and milk it down to the last drop, y'all.

This post was originally published on June 17, 2016. It was updated on Aug. 19, 2019.

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