A happy couple decorates a mini cake for Super Bowl Sunday.

These Super Bowl Dessert Recipe TikToks Will Make A Touchdown With Your Crew

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The sweetest part about Super Bowl Sunday is undoubtedly the dessert spread. Whether you choose to prepare ice cream cookie bowls or s'mores brownies, there are so many Super Bowl dessert recipes on TikTok that are total touchdowns. In fact, it might be hard to decide what treats you’d like to whip up and serve. Luckily, you can narrow down your options with the yummy desserts featured on this list.

You can easily recreate these TikTok dessert recipes by gathering some simple ingredients you likely already have in your cupboard. Use a cake mix to recreate a TikToker's football cupcakes, and give your sweets a Super Bowl twist. Or, you can follow another recipe that requires cookie dough to make ice cream bowls. When it comes to TikTok, any dessert can be decorated to look like a football, including strawberries dipped in chocolate.

After you create and display your goodies, you'll want to capture the sweetness with a snap on the 'gram, so your followers can see how big you scored in the kitchen. But, the best part is, by making any of these Super Bowl dessert recipes from TikTok, your housemates will declare you the real MVP of game day desserts.

These Strawberries Are Covered In Chocolate

Strawberries will totally sweeten up your evening. Give this treat a Super Bowl spin by coating the berries in chocolate and drawing lines with white icing to resemble football lacing.

These Muddy Buddies Have A Cookies And Cream Twist

You may know this classic treat as moose munch or puppy chow. Now, you can give your muddy buddies a cookies and cream twist. Simply coat your Chex Mix with melted white chocolate. Then, place the mix into a plastic bag with your Oreo crumbs and powdered sugar. Shake and serve.

These Chocolate Football Pretzels

Sometimes, you're in the mood for a snack that's both sweet and salty. These chocolate pretzels that are shaped like footballs will cater to your sweet tooth and win over your housemates. You'll need pretzels with peanut butter filling, chocolate, and white icing to make this TikTok dessert.

These Ice Cream Cookie Bowls

This Super Bowl dessert TikTok calls for store-bought cookie dough. Form the dough around the back of a muffin tin to create individual bowls. Once the cookie bowls are baked and cooled, they are ready to be stuffed with ice cream and toppings.

These Football Cupcakes

This TikTok football cupcake recipe will come in clutch on game day. This TikToker bakes chocolate cupcakes, then tops each off with chocolate frosting. The finishing touch is to draw football laces with white icing.

These S'mores Brownies

For the ultimate sweet treat, why not combine s'mores and brownies? This TikToker blends the two to create a dessert that's gooey AF. To make this recipe, you'll need graham crackers, sugar, butter, brownie mix, and marshmallows.