Team USA's 2022 Closing Ceremony uniforms, designed by Ralph Lauren.

I Pledge Allegiance To These 2 Team USA Closing Ceremony Coats

These uniforms are like reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Break out the red, white, and blue because Team USA’s 2022 Closing Ceremony uniforms are bursting with patriotism. Seriously, these clothes will have you humming the National Anthem without even realizing it. The Ralph Lauren-designed collection features hats, sweaters, boots, and gloves that all scream “We love our country.” But with well-placed plaid, knit, and puffer details, there’s a decided ‘80s touch, perhaps to bring about some good, old-fashioned patriotic vibes ahead of the 2022 Games. Whether or not Team USA brings home any gold, they’ll definitely be loading up the fashion wins in these looks.

After first showing off the Opening Ceremony uniforms, Ralph Lauren tapped several Olympians to model the Closing Ceremony looks. If you’re asking yourself why Team USA has two heavy-duty, winter coats for the Olympic Ceremonies while you only have one, the reason is: fashion. (It’s also: Maybe you should buy yourself another cute, warm winter coat.) Unlike their windbreaker entrance outfits, for the finale, Team USA will be wearing thick, quilted puffers with a red and plaid pattern with a few patches to decorate the coat. What’s especially eye-catching on the coat has to be the notably enlarged Polo patch. Ralph Lauren wants the world to know who Ralph Lauren is, people.

Underneath these zip-up looks, the Olympians will be outfitted in a knit sweater with an American flag and the Olympic rings. The turtleneck designs are reminiscent of something you could dig out of your father’s high school closet. The rest of the Closing Ceremony uniforms feature repeats from their opening looks. The women’s teams will wear navy leggings with black stripes over the knees and red snowboots while the men’s teams will be in white hybrid pants and white boots. Everything, most excitingly, is made in the United States and with recycled polyester and nylon.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has become the go-to for Olympic fashion. The American fashion house designed not only the 2022 winter looks but also the Opening and Closing Ceremony outfits for the Summer 2021 Olympics. After being founded in 1967, Ralph Lauren is one of the US’s oldest fashion houses, so the honor to represent the country is especially well deserved.

However, some Olympic and fashion fans have voiced a little fashion fatigue when it comes to the preppy repetition. “Why Ralph Lauren every Olympics?” one Twitter user wrote. “It’s like being stuck in the ‘80s.” It is worth pointing out that SKIMS has also entered the Olympics chat, designing the 2021 Team USA underwear and doing it again with a new SKIMS Olympic collection in 2022. Maybe this is the start of new fashion opportunities at the Olympics, and in years to come we’ll see the likes of Pyer Moss or Christopher John Rogers designing Olympic Opening and/or Closing Ceremony looks.