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8 Trendy Coats Under $100 That’ll Get You Through Winter

Snow, rain, sleet, hail — you’ll conquer the elements in style.

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Having recently walked through my first flurry of snow, let me tell you: You’re going to need a heavy-duty winter coat to get through 2022. However, it should be one that you totally love, since you’ll be wearing it pretty much every day for the coming months. So you need a coat that’s trendy, fits in with your wardrobe, and is something you won’t get sick of. I did the hard work for you, and trust me, once you wrap yourself in one of these winter coats, you’ll never go back.

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Faux Shealring Patchwork Coat

You can be soft, cozy, and stylish in Hollostier’s Shearling Coat ($66, Hollister). The patchwork is super trendy, but because this jacket features all light colors, the rest of your closet will always layer magnificently underneath it.