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Here’s How To Recreate Taylor Swift’s Midnights Manicure At Home

It’s a starry, starry mani.

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From dropping limited-edition Midnights merch to filling her music videos with Easter eggs, Taylor Swift has given her fans plenty to talk about. For the beauty-obsessed Swifties, the musician even showed off a special Midnights-themed manicure on Instagram Stories. The star-studded moody nail art is perfect for anyone with short nails and is aligned with fall’s metallic nail trends. Featuring a midnight blue polish backdrop with a silvery top coat and glimmering star embellishments, Swift’s Midnights manicure just might be the year’s easiest celebrity nail art trend.

Swift had a late night on Thursday, Oct. 20. Ahead of the internet-breaking release of her 10th studio album, the 11-time Grammy winner took to Instagram to share a video of herself painting her own nails — a relatable flex. The Midnights manicure Swift was finishing looked surprisingly easy to pull off at home, should you be so inclined. Rather than the complicated, opulent gem-studded nails Swift opted for a simple look that doesn’t require any special techniques or tools.

Based on the video that she uploaded to her Instagram Stories, it shouldn’t take more than a few coats of three products at the maximum. All you’ll need is a deep blue or black nail polish shade and a top coat with some starry glitter in it. To recreate Swift’s exact mix of glimmer and celestial bodies, you may need two different top coats.

Taylor Swift/Instagram

When it comes to picking products, you could go the gel route or keep things simple with basic polish, literally the (dark night) sky is the limit. If you prefer standard polishes, Nails.INC has got you covered. To get Swift’s moody blue base color, grab Nails.INC Plant Power Plant-Based Polish in Spiritual Gangster. Not only is it a near-perfect match for Swift’s night sky base coat, but it’s also vegan, cruelty-free, halal-friendly, and just $10.

Next, add a layer of Showstopping Spitalfields Star Topper Nail Polish, another $10 Nails.INC polish that’ll give you the perfect layer of subtle stars, and seal the deal, if you so choose, with the brand’s glittery Electric Avenue Glitter Nail Polish, $15, as a final top coat. While the final glitter top coat is an option, it’s not totally necessary, which means Swift’s mani costs just $20 to recreate at home using Nails.INC products.

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That price point drops to just $15 if you opt for a different starry nail polish. While it isn’t vegan, Urban Outfitters’ UO Nail Polish in Super Star is cruelty-free and costs just $5. Its stars are more golden than Swift’s silvery constellations, but that price is almost irresistible.

If you swear by gel polish, a good option for your Midnights mani is OPI GelColor in Midnight Mantra, a deep, slightly shimmering navy blue. At $20, it costs a bit more than standard polish, but you can even out the price point by adding a layer of affordable star-shaped glitter and setting it in place with your favorite clear gel top coat.

Taylor Swift/Instagram

Now that you know what products to use to recreate Taylor Swift’s Midnights manicure, there’s nothing left to do, but try the easiest “Bejeweled” manicure you’ll ever attempt.