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Abstract metallic nails featuring pink, gold, and white nail polish

Abstract Metallic Nails Are *The* Next Major Dreamy Nail Trend

There’s no wrong way to wear this mani.


Love live glazed nails and neons, but the reign of minimalist nails is ending. It’s time to break out all your nail polish colors, glitter, and some 3D nail gems or charms because the latest nail art trend, abstract metallic nails, has a more is more mentality. Sydney Sweeney, Joey King, and Camila Mendes have all hopped onto the abstract metallic nails train. Prepare to tap into your inner Picasso because the more you embrace artistic swirls, shapes, and spontaneity, the more fun you’ll get out of the latest celebrity-approved nail trend.

You know this trend is going to be big because it came from celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt. Not only is she a manicurist to the stars, but she’s also the inventor of what might be 2022’s biggest nail trend. Ganzorigt was the mastermind behind Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut nails, but she’s moved past that glossy, minimalistic style in favor of abstract and embellished nail designs. On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Ganzorigt shared a photoset on Instagram featuring some of the work she’s done for her celebrity clientele. The dazzling manicures in the photoset included two abstract metallic nail designs created for Sweeney and King. Both actors showed off artful designs that used contrasting polish shades and metallic accents for a truly unique nail look.

The Euphoria star’s manicure featured a geometric pattern in shades of blue that utilized 3D elements as well as negative space. Each nail had its unique own ultra-fine design with art deco vibes. Ganzorigt accented the aqua, cerulean, and navy blue shapes with metallic gold line-work and, in one case, a 3D abstract circle that looks like it could be in the sculpture wing of an art museum if it was, you know, about 20 times larger.

Ganzorigt took a different approach when it came to The Princess actor’s abstract metallic manicure. King’s mani looks like a mix of colorful marble and the nails you might see on a woodland fairy. Rather than using sharp lines, Ganzorigt swirled shades of green together to create a marbled base. The metallic detailing came courtesy of what appears to be metallic gold foil placed organically across the nails. The overall effect was dreamy and whimsical. These two manicures are fire, but Ganzorigt isn’t the only nail artist getting abstract and heavy metal lately.

The same day that Ganzorigt shared her metallic mani photoset, nail artist and jewelry designer Betina Goldstein shared her own approach to the trend on Instagram. Using a single shade of glittery polish, Goldstein created an ultra sparkly, swoop look that plays with negative space.

In September, manicurist Thuy Nguyen designed an abstract golden french mani for Camila Mendes. The Riverdale actor’s nails featured waves and dot art for an abstract take on an old classic. The overall vibe was very much King Midas thanks to the gold polish practically dripping down Mendes’ nail beds.

With so many celebs trying out abstract metallic nails, this trend has already taken off and is ready to soar. If you’re ready to try it for yourself, there are a few different methods you can try. While geometric abstract nails like Sweeney’s require a tiny nail brush to get all the details, you can actually use a hack to get King’s marble look.

Creating a 3D abstract metallic manicure is even easier. Nail embellishments are surprisingly affordable and there are a ton of abstract options available in the form of stickers, foil, and even charms. Be sure to place your charms or embellishments in slightly random patterns. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s recent chrome gem mani is peak asymmetrical inspo. No muss, no fuss, and yourself a set of gorgeous metallic nails.