If You’re Done With Hard Pants Forever, These 20 Pairs Of Soft Pants Will Speak To You

Even when you’re not, you’ll be sitting on your couch ~in spirit~.

There’s little worse than being wrapped up on the couch, in your favorite comfortable clothes, and knowing (really, dreading) that you have to go out soon. Whether it be for work, fun, or just to take care of some errands, we all have to leave our houses sometimes. But you can make your outdoor trek just a bit lighter on your soul (and your legs) with a pair of super comfortable pants under $40. (And in the year 2022, “comfort” can be achieved without relying on just your go-to black leggings.) From the most relaxed sweatpants to full-on trousers, you can take the cozy with you wherever you go.

Back in college, I was the queen of tiny dresses — no tights, no coat — all through winter. That’s absolutely not the case anymore. Gone are my days of freezing, squeezing, and being in even the slightest amount of discomfort. Luckily, that hasn’t bound me to a life of sweatsuits or leggings and nothing else. There are so many different fabrics, silhouettes, and styles you can utilize to look ready for anything while still being super comfortable. You’ll easily fool everyone (including your boss) into thinking you love leaving your couch because you look so well dressed.

How To Shop For Comfortable Pants

Just because you love them, however, doesn’t mean they’re the easiest things to shop for. To find your perfect pair of comfy slacks, there are three key components:

  1. “Ultra-comfortable pants begin with the feeling of the material,” Christina Jaide, one of the founders of JLUXLABEL, tells Elite Daily. “How soft is the touch?”
  2. Jaide’s second piece of advice is to “look out for the small details. Ensure the bottoms come with an elastic waistband for added stretch and flexible comfort.”
  3. The final piece of the puzzle, according to Jaide: “Versatility is essential as we shop for garments that can be worn in different ways with many styles.” After all, if you can only wear your comfy pants to the couch, you’re not getting all the use out of them that you deserve.

But, if you’re out of reality and in the digital realm, you can’t exactly feel the fabrics or test the stretch of the waistband. Jaide’s got you covered there, too. “When shopping online, check for product details,” she says. “The product description will help you determine how the pants fit based on measurements. Look for soft, durable, and breathable materials.”

To help you on your comfy-pants journey, here’s a carefully curated list of 20 soft trousers you can take from your couch to the ~real world~.

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Wide-leg and Palazzo pants that offer you tons of flexibility and movement

“Wide-leg and Palazzo are generally much more comfortable silhouettes since they allow you to move flexibly,” Wendy Wei, the lead styling expert at Wishi, tells Elite Daily, and Tronjori’s Palazzo Pants ($34, Amazon) are about as wide as you can get. The style, even with the medium-heavy fabric, is light enough to wear for any summer evening plans but can easily be rocked during winter, too. No matter where you’re headed, these pants can easily transition for any occasion. Pair it with a bodysuit and a blazer for the office; and a bra top for when you’re going out dancing. The icing on the cake is that this pair comes in 27 different colors and patterns so you’ll absolutely want to stock up on a few.

Get the wide-leg look without feeling like you’re drowning in fabric. Simplee’s Wide Leg Pants ($29, Amazon) have slits in the front to keep you super breezy. Why else are the slits so desirable? Add in the beautiful, flowing movement you’ll get every time you take a step, and these pants are 10/10s. “These pants are amazing! They flow and move as you walk, show some leg, but not too much,” a reviewer said. “I feel like a goddess wearing these pants! I want to buy them in more colors!”

Party people deserve a little glitz and a little glam, and what better way to have both than with some gold pants? GRACE KARIN’s Shiny Wide Leg Trousers ($33, Amazon) will make you the belle of the ball even when going to a party is the last thing you want to do. “I could not love these palazzo pants more! They are comfortable, soft and FLOWING,” one reviewer wrote. “Will order more as soon as I close out this review!”

Why say you’d rather be outside in the sun when you can make it clear with Jessica Simpson’s Sennsa Smocked Pants ($32, Amazon)? They’re bright, airy, and the florals offer the right balance of classic and trendy so you don’t fall victim to looking like your grandma’s powder room wallpaper. “Loved these pants. They were comfortable, fit well, great for dressing up or down at work, and always got a lot of compliments,” one reviewer wrote.

Linen pants that are breathable, perfectly styled, and stay soft

“Linen is one of my favorite fabrics to wear in the summer. Besides keeping you cool and comfortable, it can effortlessly elevate your summer wardrobe,” Sharon Warten, a fashion stylist with Wishi, tells Elite Daily. If you find yourself thinking “no” when it comes to wearing linen, rest assured that you won’t even have to fret about keeping your linen pants well pressed. “This is one fabric that has character when it wrinkles,” Warten says. “Wrinkles give linen that carefree summer vibe.” You won’t have to worry about the waistband digging into your skin with these Hongsui’s Linen Trousers ($28, Amazon). These pants feature a drawstring for maximal comfort.

To really double down on the cottagecore energy oozing from these Laovanln’s Striped Linen Trousers ($33, Amazon), add a tunic or linen-blend button down for an I-just-came-from-the-beach vibe, even if you’re landlocked and sitting on Zoom. These pants, with their soft linen, are ideal for picking berries, running through a field of flowers, or sitting through second- and third-round interviews for a new job. “Love the fit and style of these pants. Perfect for cooler evening. Dressy enough to wear out to eat dinner after a day at the beach or boating,” a reviewer shared. “Would highly recommend these pants.”

Mordenmiss’ Linen Pant ($38, Amazon) not only have pockets but use them in such a funky way. “If you're not thinking about sleek, and comfy is your jam, buy these pants. They have a wide waist band that has elastic for comfort, which also means you can wear it up high or low to match your preference,” a thorough reviewer wrote. “You do need to wear a longer shirt to cover the waistline, and I prefer to cover the bum. I love the pockets in the legs, super cute! Great for office/business casual. These don't cling to the skin, which helps keep me cool. They don't wrinkle much if you line dry — and I have the stripped (sic) kind so that design might mask wrinkles. LOVE these!”

Elastic-waisted trousers you can slip into and out of without ever worrying about a zipper

Soft fabrics, like silk and satin, can be a little frustrating to keep clean and keep from wrinkling. Luckily, “100% or mostly cotton will be practical and comfortable all year round,” Wei says. The natural fibers in cotton make it so breathable, you can feel the fresh air kissing your skin every time you step outside. With that in mind, ECUPPER’s Cropped Cotton Pants ($27, Amazon) are a must-have. Especially because these elastic waister-trousers are great at wicking away moisture, which will keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

Any summer plans you have will get an instant makeover with the inclusion of SOLY HUX’s Straight Leg Pants ($22, Amazon). They come in a timeless gingham print that is made to be worn as the weather continues to warm up. “I love these pants,” a fan of these trousers wrote. “So many compliments when I wear them. Must have!!! I love that the material is light.”

Show off your edgy, alternative style with Vangull’s Cargo Pants ($29, Amazon) at the next office happy hour you attend. The chain detail and buckles give a relaxed, egirl aesthetic, and you can easily dress this look up (with wedges or heels) or down (queue “Sneaker Night”by Vanessa Hudgens) depending on your mood. Your feet might be uncomfortable, but the rest of you won’t. “Fun pants with lots of useful pockets,” a reviewer wrote. “Wore these hiking and was able to have all the things I needed handy. Fits my waist well and can make these really cute with a tight colorful crop top!”

You can’t ever go wrong with a pair of classic sweats like Yovela’s Baggy Sweatpants ($28, Amazon). They’re made with a cotton blend so they’re incredibly soft and breathable. While you can just rock the cozy look with a graphic tee or crop top, you can take your sweatpants even further and make them work for your next on-site visit for work. “To dress it up a bit more for brunch/casual dinner/casual workday, I'd layer a tailored blazer over a fitted polo-collar top and lounge pants, accessorized with a pair of loafers or kitten-heeled mules with a statement shoulder bag,” Wei says, and I’m already building my mood board.

Wide leg pants can feel like they’re overwhelming you with all that fabric. “If you're looking for a silhouette that gives you both comfort and accentuation/tailored fit, the straight-leg shape will be a great choice,” Wei says. If you’re looking at these pants and hunting for a zipper, think again. These NIMIN’s Corduroys ($36, Amazon) feature an elastic waistband. “I find these pants to be cute and stylish (also approved by my teen daughter!),” one review said. “There is an elastic waist band that has some forgiveness but not too much. They are warm and soft, perfect for winter/fall weather.”

A pair of paper-bag pants that you can tighten or loosen as much as you want

Did someone say garden party? If you’ve got a night of schmoozing and networking ahead of you, BCOFUI’s Drawstring Pants ($30, Amazon) are a darling option. The paperbag style pant is a sneaky way to add elastic to your waist without causing any bunching on the sides or back. Because you can control the fit, you can make these looser or tighter depending on your vibe. “Wonderful pants WITH POCKETS,” a fan wrote. “Great fit, good quality, light weight, and very comfortable. Perfect for a day in the office.”

Spandex pants so sneaky and stretchy, you’ll feel like your favorite pair of leggings got an instant upgrade

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re wearing leggings but also like you’re wearing the cutest printed trousers you own? Same, which is why SweatyRocks’ High Waisted Pants ($11, Amazon) are your next fashion buy. They’re made with polyester and spandex for the ultimate stretchy fit that makes it easy to move around in. “I feel like I’m wearing pajamas but also feel super cute and stylish for work,” a review for these said. “Love these already. So comfy and flattering but aren’t skin tight all the way down. Perfect to dress up for work but love the versatility in these doubling as casual pants as well. And have decent front pockets. Definitely recommend!”

SWEETKIE’s Flare Pants ($26, Amazon) have a festival-chic style to them, with the bold print and bell bottom style. Pair this pants with your favorite crop top and you’re ready for anything from a night out to a night of becoming one with your couch. “These are thin material, although not see-through. They are lightweight so great for summer and very soft. They cling and stretch to mold your figure,” one reviewer wrote. “More like pajama pants you can wear to work or out and about, happy hour, etc., or lounge easily around the house.”

Hello, disco queen; you’ll be grooving hard in Vivicastle’s Bell Bottom Pants ($23, Amazon), even if the only dancing you plan on doing is the 6 p.m. shuffle from your desk to your couch. Although these pants have a fitted silhouette, its rayon/spandex combo will move with you. “I bought these pants to wear in a production of Pippin, in which I had to do various types of dance, cartwheels, and climbing (it was crazy); these pants were terrific! The material is very comfortable and I had no problem wearing them for multiple rehearsals and performances. Personally I was worried all the wear would lead to rips in the pants or they’d become less opaque but that wasn’t the case,” a dancer reviewed. “I highly recommend these pants for any occasion.”

Just because you’re feeling super cozy doesn’t mean you can’t be super cozy and the club. These Cut Out Flare Pants ($26, Amazon) are so similar to Maddy’s pants in the carnival episode in Euphoria Season 1. “I bought these for a festival and they’re really comfortable. I feel like if I would have gotten a different style they would have been too tight on me but with the strings, these fit perfectly,” a reviewer said.

Drawstring bottoms that let you release as you need

Life isn’t all sunshine and warm days. Some days, it’s cold and you’re working from under the covers. For those days when you need to keep warm and are looking for extra comfort, Wei recommends breaking out knit fabrics due to their lush feel. Waitfairy’s Sweater Pants ($32, Amazon) are ribbed and stretchy to the maximum comfort level. With their flared style, you can also easily dress these pants up or down to go from your couch to a classy dinner with your coworkers. “These pants are literally so amazing and such and awesome material. They’re tight at the waist which was nice cuz it gives you a nice hour glass figure,” a reviewer said. “It’s a nice comfy brunch outfit or lounge outfit ... they’re my favorite pair to wear right now.”

Wei highlights silk as a great summer choice because it’s “great for hotter weather since [it’s] thinner, more breathable, and lightweight.” Not to mention, the glossy fabric makes any cut on trousers immediately look luxe. Take Allegra’s Satin Joggers ($38, Amazon) for example; they’re cut in a jogger style yet you’ll look ready to go mingle with the fanciest people you know. “They are sooooo comfortable — like wearing your PJs! They fit well- not overly baggy — just enough. I wore [them] on ‘date nite’ with my husband — he loved them,” an enthusiastic reviewer said. “Great for girls nite out — A staple -something you can pull out of your closet and be ready to go and look great!”

The most deceiving pair of jeans that won’t feel hard and stiff against your body

Everyone should own a pair of jeans that they feel they could live in like a snail in a shell. I’m talking about the kind of jeans that feel like they’re sculpted to your butt, sewn around your legs, and that you just want to wear all the time. That’s where Riders by Lee’s Bootcut Jeans ($30, Amazon) come into play. They’re made with 73% cotton so they’re Wei-approved for comfort and use a stretch fabric so you can wash them, which keeps them instantly comfortable without worrying they’ll stretch back out. “I am happy with these slacks. I’ve worn them for work and washed them,” a reviewer wrote about these jeans. “They did not fade and are very soft and comfortable.”

Goodbye forever, hard pants.

Experts cited:

Christina Jaide, one of the founders of JLUXLABEL