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Shop These 10 Under-$100 Cottagecore Clothing Items To Fulfill Your Countryside Fantasy

Now you just need to learn how to churn your own butter.

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You don’t need to get a chicken coop to live out your cottagecore fantasy. The pastoral aesthetic first cropped up on TikTok back in 2020, and soon took over the virtual airways. The trend features a flowing, floral, shabby chic aesthetic that could have been ripped right from the pages of the Little House on the Prairie series. If it hasn't already (which would be hard to believe), cottagecore clothing is about to invade your closet for the better. If a closet overhaul sounds overwhelming, you won’t have to take out a loan to shop for these affordable cottagecore clothes.

The general aesthetic vibe of cottagecore includes prairie dresses, midi-length skirts, patchwork, and gingham. Picture what you would want to wear while running through a field while blissfully rejecting city life and that about sums up the style. Color-wise, cottagecore generally stays in the earth-tone range, with muted maroons, olive greens, faded browns, and baby pinks as staples. If escaping the city for life on the prairie isn’t exactly what you’re up to these days, you can get this style whether you’re baking bread in the countryside or walking the streets of your city.

Obviously, there’s no choice but to make cottagecore your next style move. Below, I’ve gathered up a few styles to take your wardrobe straight to Laura Ingalls. As you start baking scones and growing your own herbs, shop these adorable cottagecore clothes to get in on the latest, must-have trend. Ma and Pa would probably have preferred if you’d sewed these pieces yourself, but I won’t tell.

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Cottagecore Fashion: Dress Up (Kind Of)

This Long Chiffon Dress ($40, H&M) features a simple floral pattern and maxi length that makes it instantly recognizable as cottagecore. What really seals the deal on this dress, however, is the ruffle collar as well as the bell sleeves. It's got everything you need to achieve your cottagecore dream.

Cottagecore Fashion: Patched It All Together

Patchwork has a rustic feel to it, and the play on color and pattern can make an otherwise plain outfit a lot more exciting. If you're not ready to go full-on princess dress just yet, starting off with a funky patchwork dress like Impression’s Violette Dress ($30, Impressions) can help get your soon-to-be cottagecore feet wet.

Cottagecore Fashion: Cut The Cord

Cottagecore isn't all skirts and ruffles. A pair of wide-leg or full-on baggy corduroys in a muted tone is perfect for a fall, cottagecore-look if you love something more streamlined and a little more androgynous. After all, you can’t do all your choring in fancy dress.

Cottagecore Fashion: Easy As Pie

Add a romantic edge to your cottagecore looks with one of these pie-crust-collar tops. In addition to the traditional, high collar, the puffy sleeves and lacy trim will give you a dainty touch that easily pairs with the rest of your closet.

Cottagecore Fashion: Picnic Plaid

Despite the fact that gingham print has long been a summer staple, the vintage feel it exudes makes it supremely cottagecore. SHEIN’s Plaid Skirt ($7, SHEIN) is lightweight so it’ll keep you cool, even on the warmest days (but you should keep a cardigan on hand for cooler nights). To add another feather to its cottagecore cap, this skirt also boasts big, retro buttons.

Cottagecore Fashion: Party With Cardi

Speaking of cardigans, you need to add a new one to your cart right now. Although she didn't discover the trend, Taylor Swift's Folklore became cottagecore's unofficial anthem – which isn’t hard to believe. Her music video for "Cardigan" is pretty much an ad for cottagecore. It only makes sense to toss a cardigan on to complete your folksy outfit.

Cottagecore Fashion: You're My Overall

YESNO's Baggy Overalls ($32, Amazon) are just what the modern pastoral person needs. The loose, cotton design works great for gardening, baking, and all the other cottage activities you plan to get up to. They'll go amazingly well with the rest of your wardrobe, easily layering with other tops, so you don't even have to think before pulling these on.

Cottagecore Fashion: Button It Up

A button-up is an easy and absolutely necessary addition to your midi skirts, pinafores, overalls, and all other layerings you have up your sleeve. Going up a size when it comes to your button-down is the move because a slightly oversized shape gives off a relaxed fit and looks even more off-to-the-stable energy.

Cottagecore Fashion: Pockets, Pockets, & More Pockets, Please

There’s no such thing as owning too many clothes with pockets. In fact, it’s likely the opposite. Madewell’s Drawstring Skirt ($57, Madewell) can help you fulfill all your dreams of running away to the woods — at least, aesthetically. It has an A-line, airy fit that floats around your body, making it incredibly comfortable to wear.

Cottagecore Fashion: Pinafore

One thing you can expect from an old-timey person living in a cottage is that they’re cooking in an apron. That said, you may not really want to wear that out of the house, which is where the wonders of the pinafore appear. Superduper Overall Dress ($28, YesStyle) is a happy blend of apron and overalls for a schoolgirlish look. And, since you can throw one over pretty much any top, they make getting ready too easy.

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