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Dark cottagecore, also known as goth cottagecore, is one of the top home decor trends for 2022.
Shop The Dark Cottagecore Home Decor Trend For The Coziest Winter Aesthetic

Goth vibes only.

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Cottagecore has been the go-to aesthetic for quite some time. With Taylor Swift’s folklore and TikTok home decor videos really boosting the cottagecore trend, it seems that it’s here to stay. However, cottagecore always has a more spring or fall vibe to it, which is a little less present in the wintertime. That’s where dark cottagecore comes in to reflect your more shadowy winter aesthetic. By shopping dark cottagecore home decor, you can really match your space to how you’re feeling.

The dark cottagecore aesthetic is trending on TikTok as one of the top home decor trends for 2022 for a more moody take on the popularized cottagecore aesthetic. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you may be wondering, what is dark cottagecore?

What Is Dark Cottagecore?

Dark cottagecore, or goth cottagecore, also utilizes fairy tales and nature, but with a more Brothers Grimm take than a Disney one with its focus on a gothic forest lifestyle. For instance, cottagecore mushrooms are big in cottagecore decor, but for the dark cottagecore aesthetic, you may choose to hang up wall art of rotted or black mushrooms for a slightly edgier take. This is also an aspect of goblincore, which is all about appreciating things in nature that you might not typically think of as beautiful, but definitely provide a unique aesthetic of their own.

A dark academia aesthetic room may also have some skeletons on the bookshelves along with thorny branches in vases. When decorating your bedroom or home with a dark cottagecore aesthetic, channel your witchy side like you’re the sinister character in a fairy tale. The moody feel will perfectly complement how soon the sun sets in the winter and how quickly you want to just wrap yourself up in a blanket, light a few candles, and read a good romance novel by the fire. If this all sounds like the dreamy aesthetic you’re looking for, here are some dark cottagecore home decor items you can collect now.

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These Dark Cottagecore Mushroom Crystals Are Too Cute

You can never have too many mushrooms when it comes to cottagecore home decor. Of course, for a more gothic feel, go for darker shades. These black obsidian crystals have been sculpted to look like mushrooms, which not only makes them cute decor, but great for creating a good vibe in your room. Black obsidian is meant to cleanse your space of negative energy. Basically, these black mushrooms really understood the gothic aesthetic assignment.


This Skeleton Box For Your Dark Cottagecore Dresser

Keep your jewelry stored in this cute trinket box. It has a skeleton hand-painted on it, so it’ll fit right in with a dark academia aesthetic room. It even gives off Evil Queen vibes, like the vintage mirror.


This Dark Cottagecore Floral Throw Pillow Is Perfect For Any Room

A throw pillow is one of the easiest ways to makeover your home. All you need to do is add some pillows that have a dark cottagecore vibe to your couch or bed. It’s that simple. This particular pillow has the right feel with dark florals that are subtle but definitely tie into the whole aesthetic.


This Black Vase To Go In Your Dark Academia Aesthetic Room

Taking on the cottagecore aesthetic means you’re likely to invest in some more indoor plants. While something soft and floral is the right choice for regular cottage vibes, a dark or black vase is the way to go for something more gothic. This ceramic vase from Pottery Barn is gorgeous on its own, but just imagine what it’ll look like with some leaves cascading out of it.


This Dark Cottagecore Wooden Mirror For Any Dark Queen

While cottagecore is typically perfect for Snow White, dark cottagecore is more the Evil Queen’s style. Get this wooden mirror from Etsy to really channel the fairy tale villain. Each morning as you do your best winter gothic makeup lewk, you can stare into your “magic mirror on the wall.”


This Goblincore Mystery Box For Your Dark Cottagecore Bookshelves

Need some trinkets to fill in the gaps of your shelves and dresser? This goblincore mystery box has the dark cottagecore aesthetic and comes with items like crystals, mushrooms, moss, and bones. Use whatever comes in your box to sprinkle a bit of goth decor all over your room.


This Floral Tablecloth Will Serve Goth Cottagecore Vibes At Dinner

Give your dining room table a goth cottagecore makeover by simply adding the right tablecloth. This black floral one from Etsy has the perfect mix of moody nature. It’ll be perfect for any Friday night dinner dates or potlucks with your besties.


These Mystery Glass Domes Have A Potions Class Vibe

These glass domes from Etsy are not only great for adding dark cottagecore decor to your dresser or nightstand, but they’re also just fun to receive. Each order is a mystery, so you never know what dried or preserved specimens you’ll get, like feathers, flowers, moss, and leaves. Each jar also looks like it belongs in the back of a potions class at Hogwarts.


This Surreal Folk Art Has A Dark Cottagecore Aesthetic

These dark cottagecore wooden art prints are perfect for hanging up on your wall. The folk art inked on the wood matches the dark feel with monsters and skeletons.


This Forest Moss To Add To Your Dark Cottagecore Bedroom

Something as simple as preserved moss can go a long way towards decorating your room with a dark cottagecore aesthetic. All you need to do is add moss to your bookshelves or the top of your dresser. It can even be hung on your walls for a biophilic design, which is a 2022 home decor trend.


These Decorative Bare Branches Are Peak Dark Cottagecore

It’s also a good idea to get some bare branches for the dark cottagecore aesthetic. Something like this birch branch can be used as wall decor, or you can place it in a dark vase ($13, Target) for a floral display that Morticia Addams would love.


This Dark Cottagecore Candle Holder For Witchy Candles

Bath & Body Works has some of the most gorgeous candle holders that make perfect home decor, and this black branch design is the definition of gothic cottagecore. The winter is the perfect time to light a cozy candle as you read a good book or watch a movie. Go with a woodsy scent like Mahogany Teakwood ($26) or find a dark glass candle ($27, Vixen Candles) to match your color scheme.


This Cozy Black Throw To Wrap Yourself In This Winter Is Very Dark Cottagecore

In the winter, you can never have too many throws to wrap yourself up in. This dark knit throw with tassel details is just the right amount of cozy you need. Drape it over your couch, so it’s easy to grab on those especially chilly nights.


This Gothic Wall Collage Kit For Dark Cottagecore Wall Decor

To completely transform your bedroom or dorm, get this wall collage kit from Etsy. It has a variety of images that radiate gothic forest living. A great place to hang these up is on the wall right behind your bed.


This Owl Print For Dark Cottagecore Wall Decor

For your walls, you can also get this owl print. It has a very gothic feel to it, and will look great in a dark antique frame. The best part about this item is that it’s available for digital download, so you can have dark cottagecore vibes in your space in no time.

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