These TikTok home decor trends for 2022 on Airbnb include gothic touches and cottagecore.
The Biggest TikTok Home Decor Trends For 2022, According To Airbnb

Get ready to embrace gothic influences and “grandma chic.”

by Andrea Hannah

If you’ve been itching to redecorate your home, you aren’t alone. TikTok creators have been using some new buzzwords when it comes to home decor, and Airbnb has noticed the same trends pop up in their listings as well. If you’re ready to try something new for the new year, check out these up-and-coming 2022 home decor trends trends from TikTok before they show up everywhere.

Honestly, there’s something for everyone’s sense of style. If you love bright pops of color, the eclectic nostalgia home decor trend on TikTok may match up perfectly to your favorite color palette, albeit with a little extra flair. You can throw it back to the ‘80s and ‘90s with eye-popping hues, and throw in some boxy shapes and neon lights for good measure.

If you prefer your surroundings to be a bit more serene, there are TikTok home decor trends for that, too. Both cottagecore and botanical themes are expected to boom in 2022, and both involve lush greens and natural wood. Cottagecore is a bit heavier on the florals, whereas botanical has more of a “tropical jungle” feel, but both trends have shown up in Airbnb lists and have become super popular.

Ready to sneak a peek at what home decor trends are sure to be all over TikTok in 2022? Take a look at these eight home decor trends from Airbnb for your home design inspo.

Eclectic Nostalgia

This super rad Airbnb rental is decorated according to one of TikTok’s up-and-coming trends: eclectic nostalgia. Designers are throwing it back to the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s by filling their homes with iconic textures and patterns from those decades. Whether it’s neon shapes or psychedelic wallpaper, this ‘70s-themed rental and this ‘80s time capsule rental are sure to boost up your imagination.


According to Airbnb, one of the most popular TikTok decor trends has been gaining traction all throughout 2021: cottagecore. Think floral wallpaper, vintage furniture, natural wood, and a fairytale-inspired setting. Scroll through these photos of this adorable cottagecore cabin, this forest-nestled rental, and this cozy cottage for your own home decor inspo.


Potted plants continue to be a huge TikTok trend, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Airbnb has seen a rise in lush, botanical-themed rentals over the course of the year, too, and it’s sure to continue into 2022. To design your own dreamy plant haven, you’ll want to head to your local greenhouse and go plant shopping, then pair your plants with lots of soft textures and natural wood. You can find more inspiration from this open-air rental in New York and this tropical hideaway in Australia.


Goodbye, minimalism—say hello to maximalism. Gone are the days of neutral colors and sleek, polished design. TikTokers are now redesigning their spaces with unique, vintage items, velvet furniture, and an eclectic mix of prints and textures. Airbnb has seen a huge uptick in listings with maximalist keywords like “velvet” and “mixed patterns,” and the trend is predicted to carry into 2022. This lavish apartment rental and this highly textured space are perfect examples.


If you like your decor moody and broody, you’ll love the gothic trend for 2022. Think: dark and lavish curtains, patterned wallpaper, and lots of details that #witchtok would approve of, including moon phase wall art and tiny glass potion bottles. Scroll through the photos of this gothic cottage, this witchy apartment, and this historic rental for ideas on how to make your own space more dark and mysterious.


TikToker are using the hashtag #zerowaste in droves, not only for sharing their tips to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but also for creating sustainable home decor. Airbnb notes the same trend — renters are looking for listings that are energy efficient and feature a low carbon footprint. To make your own home into a sustainable safe haven, check out this unique glampsite and this secluded treehouse, both in England, for inspiration.

Seasonal Decor

TikTok designers have been decking their homes with seasonal decor as we move into the second half of the year. Fall is the perfect time to place pastel pumpkins and vintage halloween decorations in every room, while winter is great for stringing up twinkle lights and setting out miniature pine trees. For more inspiration, check out this Airbnb rental on a real Christmas tree farm and this flawlessly decorated rental.

Grand Millenial

A combination of “grandma” and “millennial,” the #grandmillenial trend started in 2020 on TikTok and it’s still going strong. It’s a blend of all your favorite things about your grandma’s house, including chintzy decorations and tons of florals, and millennial design patterns, like muted pinks and thrift store finds. You can find more inspo for your own home with this Canadian apartment rental and this adorable cottage.