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Before wearing three Ralph Lauren wedding gowns for her Georgia Wedding, Jennifer Lopez wore a white...

And The Designer (aka Icon) Behind Jennifer Lopez’s 3 Georgia Wedding Dresses Is...

Jenny from the Block went mega-bridal.


Jennifer Lopez knows her way around a wedding dress. She’s hit the nail on the head each time she’d donned white to celebrate her marriage to husband Ben Affleck. For their charming Vegas elopement in July, J. Lo wore not one, but two dresses, one of which had an extra special meaning behind it, so it makes sense that happily married Lopez would opt to keep that same vibe going for her large, Georgia wedding that took place on Saturday, Aug. 20. After all, if the pop star and actor knows anything, it’s how to go big or go home. For her lavish second wedding in Georgia, Lopez wore not one, not two, but *three* wedding dresses, all designed by Ralph Lauren, custom made for her.

The second round of “I dos” was held at Affleck’s own estate in Riceboro, GA. The guests wore white, the groom wore a white tuxedo, and J. Lo wore the aforementioned three Ralph Lauren wedding gowns. In an Instagram post shared by the brand, each of the three dresses was shown in progress in behind-the-scenes footage of the gowns from sketch through construction. Ralph Lauren even thoughtfully provided us with a few glimpses of Lopez in all her bridal glory and, let me tell you, there is so much glorious fashion goodness on display here.

The first gown shown in the video featured a high neckline and, of course, was fitted throughout. As everyone knows, you cannot put Lopez in a gown without showing off her curves, it’s just one of the rules of the universe. The second wedding dress, seen through a gauzy filter, included loads of glimmering crystal details, a low back, a plunging cut-out neckline adorned with jewels, and a sheer hood that implied “bridal veil” without being obvious.

Last but not least, the video showed a decidedly Roaring ‘20s-inspired gown dripping with pearls at the shoulders and along the neckline. J. Lo’s final wedding dress is absolutely my favorite. The strands of pearls begin above the neckline and are fashioned as a necklace, looped several times, and then fall like rain into the rest of the gown.

I did not attend the second Lopez-Affleck wedding, but had I, I probably would have wept in between costume changes. These three Ralph Lauren gowns are truly art pieces unto themselves. Of course, we’re talking about *the* Jennifer Lopez, so I wouldn’t expect any less, but even years and years after her first single dropped, Jenny from the Block still manages to take my breath away.