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Jennifer Lopez wore two wedding dresses for her Las Vegas wedding to Ben Affleck including an Alexan...

J. Lo’s Wedding Dress “From An Old Movie” Has Been Found, Kind Of

Internet sleuths (mostly) cracked this case.


Y’all, it’s been a journey. After Jennifer Lopez announced through her newsletter that one of the two wedding dresses she wore for her Las Vegas wedding to Ben Affleck on July 16 was “from an old movie,” the internet flew into a research frenzy. Even with coordinated efforts across platforms — we’re talking Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, but mostly Instagram — this case has been tough to crack. However, thanks to the dedication of a few intrepid souls, I am happy to report that Lopez’s first wedding dress, the one “from an old movie,” that the Marry Me star saved for years has been identified. Lopez’s vintage wedding dress is Alexander McQueen’s Floral Jacquard Full-Skirt Gown.

The dress is currently sold out everywhere it was once available online, but appears to retail for just over $5,000. The designer and name of Lopez’s vintage wedding dress were tracked down by Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle, who goes by @marykate_obvi on Instagram. “I used Google Lens on a few screenshots of the video of her in it until one found the match,” Pleggenkuhle shares with Elite Daily.

Pleggenkuhle then shared the fruits of her labor with Instagram user @lucyontheground, who has been updating J. Lo fans in her Instagram stories all day. She’s been at the helm of the Lopez Vintage Dress Task Force since its inception. Thanks to these fans’ due diligence, Lopez’s exact dress has been revealed to the masses. However, after identifying the actual dress itself, the trail to figure out what movie J. Lo’s dress is from runs cold.

“I started off like everyone else, thinking it’d be a quick Google search of all her dresses in movies and there it’d be,” @lucyontheground tells me over Instagram. “I knew it wasn’t Wedding Planner or Maid in Manhattan right away, but after digging for way too long, I started realizing it wasn’t anywhere else obvious.”

From there, @lucyontheground looked into movies starring Lopez’s known favorite actresses, including Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe, to no avail. “When one of my followers sent me the link to the McQueen, I was relieved! [There are still] theories in my DMs, people are still so confident it’s in The Wedding Planner, but we haven’t found what movie it’s from yet and might not. At least we know the year and designer. Maybe someone else can figure out the rest,” she shares.

Instagram/Chris Appleton, Jennifer Lopez's On The JLo

I stand firmly with @lucyontheground and can say with moderate authority that the wedding dress did not appear in Maid in Manhattan, Jersey Girl, or The Wedding Planner. The most likely explanation so far is that the dress was in a scene in one of Lopez’s movies, and that scene was cut. According to an article in The Daily Mail, the director of the 2004 film Jersey Girl, which starred both Lopez and Affleck, cut a wedding scene from that movie. If that’s the case, Lopez’s Alexander McQueen dress could have appeared in that movie, but there’s really no way to know for sure.

Until Lopez makes an official statement, the old movie she referenced in her newsletter is still up for speculation, but I’m keeping my ear to the ground. Maybe one day, she’ll let her fans in on the secret.